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Millenium HL3 Cymbal Set Standard Millenium HL3 standard cymbal set (brass) containing: 14" Hi-Hat, 16" crash, 20" ride. Best price/value ratio, entire range of music styles, musical, harmonic, powerful (medium bright to medium dark). Made in Germany.
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Millenium Multi Cymbal Bag Millenium Multi Cymbal Bag, Premium Cymbalbag, premium cymbal bag with carrying handle and backpack system, 4 separate cymbal fans with Zip for (14"/16"/18"/22"), 22" Fach again splitted with compartement, Heavy duty.
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Millenium X-Hat Hi-Hat Millenium Pro Series DA-70/84 X-Hat - for double bass drum players or as expansion closed Hi-Hat for drum set. Includes clamp.
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Millenium 18" Hermann Schick Signature Millenium 18" Hermann Schick Signature Crash/Ride Cymbal, in very closed Contact to the Drummer of the Allgäu6 we create a Cymbal for all Brass Music Fans, a clear Crash Sound with a full, warm, washy Ride Sound, a real special Choice for Brass Music Drummers, modern Folkmusicans and ...
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Millenium DA-132 Hi-Hat Drop Clutch Millenium DA-132 Hi-Hat Drop Clutch - speciality item for all double bass drum players, by playing the second bass pedal the Hi-Hat will be closed, so you can play a closed Hi-Hat (after the Hi-Hat pedal is used again, the Hi-Hat will be locked and can played as a standard Hi-Hat.)
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Millenium X-Hat Meinl MCS Set Millenium X-Hat Meinl MCS Set, Set containing Meinl MCS Cymbal Set X-Hat, Millenium X-Hat Hi-Hat, Millenium DB-116, Millenium MC628 Multi Clamp
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