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Digitech Vocalist Live FX Digitech Vocalist Live FX, effects and harmonizer for vocals, 65 vocal effects, Live Adapt technology: ambient mic recorded rhythm tone / type and the harmony of the song and is based on these data a delay time and harmonies, 70 second looper, Lexicon reverb, dbx compression dbx, automatic...
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Digitech Vocalist Live 3G Digitech Vocalist Live 3G - three-voice vocal harmonizer. Automatic intelligent 3-part harmony (your voice plus 2 more), gender control allows you to give the harmonies a male or female voice, humanize adjust the natural sound of the harmonies from loose to tight, five harmony patches to save...
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Digitech Vocalist Live Pro Digitech Vocalist Live Pro 19" Harmonizer - 4-part vocal harmony, Lexicon licensed reverbs Soundcraft EQ, low noise preamp, 99 user + 99 factory presets, 1/4" aux outputs, XLR main (L/R) outputs, S/PDIF output, USB, MIDI in/out, footswitch and expression pedal inputs for remote control of...
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Digitech Vocalist 5 Digitech Vocalist Live 5, automatically generate intelligent 5-part harmony, your voice plus 4 more, vocal effects: up to 5 parameters of preamp, compressor/gate, lead effects, harmony, reverb, echo/delay, guitar effects: reverb, chorus, flange, mix vocal, harmony and guitar effects, Gender...
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Digitech FS 300 Digitech FS 300 3-switch foot pedal for vocalist Digitech and TC Helicon, incl. stereo jackplug, cable lenght 2m
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Digitech Vocalist 5 Bundle 1 Digitech Vocalist 5 Bundle 1 containing Digitech Vocalist 5, Thomann Effect Pedal Bag
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Digitech Vocalist Live 3D Digitech Vocalist Live 3D, harmony mix control and A/B switch, can be programmed at one level, 5 user defined voicing patches, guitar tuner with LED display, 3 reverb modes: studio, room and reverb, controls for: warmth, compression, de-esser and noise gate, MIDI in, out/thru, 6,3 mm jack...
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Digitech Vocalist 5 Bundle 2 Digitech Vocalist 5 Bundle 2 containing Digitech Vocalist 5, Thon Case Digitech Vocalist Live 5
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