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Thomann's Cool Online Guides: Guitar Amps

6. Conclusion

Whether you choose a ‘vintage’
ValveA device consisting of a glass tube from which air is removed, containing one or more electrical contacts operating at high temperature, which as the predecessor of the transistor, was essential to the development of electronics (particularly amplification) and is still favoured in guitar amplification and high-end hi-fi for its warm sound.
design or a
TransistorAn electronic component which is the foundation of modern electronics, used to amplify and switch signals. As a discrete device, the transistor largely superseded the thermionic valve (tube) from the 1950s onwards; integrated circuits (commonly known as silicon chips) are essentially miniaturised arrays of thousands or even millions of transistors.
AmpereUnit of current; the amount of electricity flowing through a conductor. One Ampere is equal to the flow of 6.25x10^18 electrons through a conductor in one second.
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