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Thomann Guitar Case Semihollow-Style


Case for an electric guitar

  • Suitable for models with semi-hollow bodies
  • Suitable also also D'Angelico Premier DC models
  • Lined inside with black plush
  • Includes an extra fold-out compartment in the neck area
  • Internal dimensions (L x W x H): 110 x 44 x 10 cm
  • Weight approx.: 4.5 kg
Available since June 2000
Item number 129712
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Cases For ST-Style Guitars No
Cases For T-Style Models No
for double cut models No
foe semi-hollowbody models Yes
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
for single cut models No
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models No
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In stock

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857 Reviews

Sturdy and affordable case
Michael2564 19.02.2014
It is an expensive past-time trying to find a good guitar case for a wider bodied guitar of significant value, which is why I decided to give the thomann case a shot. They offer a 14 day no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee, which they have upheld for colleagues and I believe their service second to none.

This case arrived and i was surprised at how sturdy and weighty it was. I was expecting a plasticy case which may serve my purpose, but no, faux leather, full wooden construction, synthetic fur inside, sturdy handle, plenty of clasps and locks, strong hinges.

If you need a case for a wider electric, or a semi acoustic thinline you would spend many times this to better this case.

As per usual thomann delivery times were outstanding!

Sturdy construction
Good handle
Good clasps
Locking clasp
Good sturdy hinges
Nice protective inside with removable pillow-type affair at the body end to accomodate larger guitars.

A little weighty (which is really a good thing. It is made very very well.)
I personally would like more removable pillow cushion type pieces to help pack the guitar. It is of no consequence, as I made some for my case with little hassle.

I use this case to demo my hand-built guitars and as such need something very sturdy. I cannot possibly have the time and money I invested in these instruments go to waste on a soft case. And yes, the case has fallen with one of my heavy jazz guitars in it and there was no damage sustained.


Very nice. Good enough for me. But could be improved.
Ivke 17.10.2021
I am an intermediate guitarist, playing mostly for fan, at home.

I have bought this guitar case to keep my new HB-35 in.

The order arrived reasonably quickly and in good condition.

The case is really pretty, with stitching detail and soft lining that makes it look a little more luxurious than some other cases.

It is good enough for what I need.
Mostly to protect my guitar at home and for short rides by car.

My Harley Benton HB-35 guitar (i.e. semi hollow, 335 look-alike) fits nicely inside the case. (Maybe it could be fitted a little more snuggly but it is ok. Perhaps some additional cushions could be provided with the case).

I also tried it for my Squier Tele, and it fits in too. But it fits more loosely because of the thinner body. Because of that a Strat or Tele would probably need more cushioning.
I understand that the case was not intended for a Tele, but in case of need it can be used.

I am not sure if the case would take a lot of wear and bumps and whether the buckles are strong enough for rougher handling, like airplane travel.

Could be better:
Is it possible that handle is not well centred on my guitar case?
When I carry the box on one side, the box hangs in such a way that it leans towards my leg and the bottom edge of the case tends to rub against the leg.
Admittedly, this could be due to the weight of the guitar and how it sits inside the box, Perhaps some adjustability of guitar's position could help.

Overall I like this case, I am happy with it and will keep it.
But I will look to make some foam inserts to provide a little more cushioning for my guitars.


Ein guter, bequemer Ständer.
Viacheslav AmurStone 12.02.2022
Ich habe ein Set gekauft, das aus einem Koffer und einer halbakustischen Harley-Benton-Gitarre XB-35 plus besteht. Es scheint, dass einmal ein Satz, dann ein Koffer mit einer Gitarre im Inneren gesendet wird. Aber es war nicht hier, es kam eine riesige Schachtel mit einer zerrissenen Kante, darin lag ein Koffer mit einem abgebrochenen Riegel, verpackt in einer Plastiktüte! Neben einer Box mit einer Gitarre und einem Ständer unter dem Kopf ist zerknittertes Geschenkpapier zum "Schutz" umrissen. Für die Verpackung eine negative Bewertung, mein Manager Xoana Islam. Die Gitarre selbst ist gut gemacht, aber ich habe keinen Spaß daran, sie zu spielen, die Saiten sind die billigsten, von denen die Finger schwärzen, der Abstand von den Saiten zum Griffbrett würde ich gerne kleiner sein. Pickups Klang nicht erfreut, mittelmäßige chinesische Replik, für das Debuggen von dem verlangen die Dienste des Meisters und Ersatz-Coil-Pickups.


Lots of potential, could use a bit of work.
Arno van Remoortel 03.09.2022
I got this to go along with the Harley Benton HB-35. The case definitely has the right groundwork, although on a few (easy fixable) things it could use a bit of work.

-Price. It feels sturdy enough, like it can handle quite some abuse.
-Locks. Two of the hinges have a lock in them, this puts my mind at ease because I'm terrified of the case swinging open and my guitar flying out.
-Keys. It comes with two keys for the aforementioned locks, the keys look like tiny guitars. I love this.

-Weight. The case is a bit on the heavier side, although not too bad.
-Fit and padding. This is my only real issue with it, the HB-35 is quite loose inside the case and while there is a slight amount of padding, there is none whatsoever in the headstock region.

Conclusion: I got some foam padding and padded around certain areas of the case, now the HB-35 fits splendidly. Added some extra padding around the headstock area. It's hard to justify spending more on a case now, with the added foam, it's unbeatable in its price point.