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One Control Minimal Series 1LoopBOX
One Control Minimal Series 1LoopBOX
One Control Minimal Series 1LoopBOX, 1-channel effect Looper, passive Schaltung, True Bypass, powered by a 9V DC power supply (only for the LED) (barrel type connector - centre negative, not included, Item No. #108096)
Boss ES-8 Effects Switching System
Boss ES-8 Effects Switching System
Programmable effects switching system
  • With eight loops and an additional volume loop
  • Analogue switch design for pure sound
  • Unparalleled routing flexibility with the possibility to change the routing order and to create parallel effect chains
Lead Foot FS-2
Lead Foot FS-2
  • FS-2
  • 2-way switch
  • Length of cable: 3.5 m
One Control Iguana Tail Loop MKII
One Control Iguana Tail Loop MKII
5-Channel Looper
  • All loops with True Bypass
  • Can be operated passively without power supply
  • Tuner output
Electro Harmonix 45000 Foot Controller
Electro Harmonix 45000 Foot Controller
Foot Switch
  • For Electro Harmonix 45000 Multi-Track
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 145 x 120 x 64 mm
Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System
Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System
Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System, programmable effect switching system with 5 effect loops, analogue circuit design for pure tone, unprecedented routing flexibility with the ability to change the routing order and create parallel effect chains, onboard memory for storing external control parameters such as delay...
Harley Benton FXL8 Pro
Harley Benton FXL8 Pro
Floor pedal
  • MIDI functions: Program changes and control changes
  • 2 Switches - e.g. for channel switching
  • 8x Effect loopers for patching stomp
Mooer Micro ABY Box MKII
Mooer Micro ABY Box MKII
Mooer Micro ABY Box MKII, AB/Y switcher and signal splitter, A/B or A&B to Y mode switch, on/off footswitch, status LED (A: red, B: blue, Y: pink), 3 in-/outputs A/B/Y, 6,3 mm mono jack, power supply optional #108096 (not included), can be used w/o power...
Lead Foot FS-1
Lead Foot FS-1
  • 1-way switch
  • Without LED
  • Length of cable: 3.5 m
Boss AB-2
Boss AB-2
2-Way A / B switch
  • Optionally switches two inputs to one output or two outputs to one input
  • Circuit with active electronics: Noiseless switching, no influence on the switched signals (-20 dBU inputs and outputs)
  • Display of the switching state by means of a red LED (Channel A) and a yellow LED (Channel B)
Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller
Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller
Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller, Foot pedal format MIDI controller, Fully configurable, 128 multi-pedal "Scenes" presets programmable, Brushed anodized aluminum housing, High contrast display, Status LEDs, MODE, EDIT, CONFIRM, CANCEL, ADD and REMOVE buttons, PREVIOUS, NEXT, SEARCH and FAVORITE / TAP (Tempo) footswitches, Highly...
Singular Sound Beatbuddy Footswitch
Singular Sound Beatbuddy Footswitch
BeatBuddy Foot Switch
Electro Harmonix Switchblade Plus
Electro Harmonix Switchblade Plus
Effects Pedal for Guitar and Bass
  • A / B or A + B-Box
  • 1 Input and 2 outputs
  • Tuner output (can also be used for other effects)
Lead Foot ABY
Lead Foot ABY
AB/Y Switch
Electro Harmonix Switchblade
Electro Harmonix Switchblade
A / B switch
  • Signal direction not restricted
  • 1 input - 2 outputs or
  • 2 inputs - 1 output
Lehle P-Split II
Lehle P-Split II
Passive Splitter
  • With the highest signal consistency
  • Simultaneous routing of an instrument to two amplifiers
  • Output A is galvanically isolated from output B by the high-end transformer LTHZ
One Control Crocodile Tail Loop
One Control Crocodile Tail Loop
One Control Crocodile Tail Loop, 10-channel Looper & Switcher, 70 presets, amp channel switching, fully MIDI controllable, perfect control over your amp & effects, link two devices via special One Control Lan cable for even more options, built in BJF buffer (bypassable), usable as a...
Palmer Trinity
Palmer Trinity
Foot Switch
  • For 3 instruments to an amplifier
  • In addition to the switch function, there is the possibility to insert an adjustable booster with up to 4-fold gain (+ 12dB) for each instrument
  • Differences in the level of the different instruments can thus be easily compensated for
Morley ABC
Morley ABC
Pedal Box
  • 3 guitars to one amp or 1 guitar to 3 amps
  • 3 Switch true bypass
Mooer Pedal Controller Loop 6
Mooer Pedal Controller Loop 6
Mooer Pedal Controller Loop 6, Programmable 6 channel loop switcher, 2 modes of operation "Live" and "Play", 6 banks with up to 6 presets per bank in Play mode, 2 built in buffers, one at the front and one at the end of the loop...
Lehle Little Dual
Lehle Little Dual
  • For two amps with high impedance LTHZ transformers
  • The Little Dual switches the input signal via gold-plated switches to the outputs A or B
  • Outputs A and B can be operated at the same time on two different amps, since A of B is galvanically isolated by the high-end transformer Lehle LTHZ - ground loops are thereby excluded
Strymon MiniSwitch
Strymon MiniSwitch
Strymon MiniSwitch, recall presets on Strymon Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Lex, or Riverside pedals or tap tempos for Strymon BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, Mobius, & TimeLine pedals or engage the Boost/Favorite on a Strymon Riverside pedal, no power supply or battery is needed,...
Moen GEC9 V2
Moen GEC9 V2
Effect Switchboard / Looper for Electric Guitar
  • Fully programmable amp switcher and pedal looper
  • 50 Storage spaces
  • 6 Serial and 3 separate effects loop
Voodoo Lab HEX Audio Loop Switcher
Voodoo Lab HEX Audio Loop Switcher
6 Audio Looper
  • Gold relay
  • Instant access to the loops on the front panel
  • Isolated loop for thomann A / B
Morley ABY Mix
Morley ABY Mix
  • Routes 2 input signals to 2 outputs
  • Each input has independent volume control
  • 2 Foot switches allow the individual or both outputs to be switched synchronously
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