Rob Papen RoCoder

Rob Papen RoCoder (ESD); vocoder plugin; 32-band vocoder with many additional functions and unique features; classic Vocoder mode with a built-in carrier synthesizer; Additive mode generates 32 bands of harmonics using sine waveforms according to the corresponding modulator band; Combined Additive and Vocoder mode allows to blend and combine the two modes; Noise mode utilizes noise for carrIer signal; Tuned Noise mode uses the MIDI keyboard notes to create the vocoder bands; Tuned Comb mode uses the MIDI keyboard notes for creating the Comb Filter bands; Vocoder Input Carrier mode requires an external signal for carrier; Groups section allow to create four groups of selected bands for modulation purposes; programmable XY controller allows for a wide range of modulation possibilities; Volume Follower with several input options and various tweaking features; 10 slot modulation matrix; Filter section featuring a high-pass and a low pass filter with 12 dB / oct. slope and resonance control; additional effect section with chorus, flanger, phaser, delay and reverb

available since October 2021
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