Harley Benton Security Locks BK


Security Locks

  • Strap-lock system for guitar or bass
  • Rotates 360°
  • Secure hold
  • Set with 2 pieces
  • Colour: Black
Type Security Locks
available since January 2010
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Very good product but...
SingleMalt 14.07.2019
I would buy these again. But they do not come with instructions. So I was blocked for a while on the simplest step, which is... how to open them (to separate the pieces before installing them on the guitar)...

You pull the round knob vertically away from the lock before and while you slip the mechanism sideways out of its garage. It?s simple as day, once you figure it out, or once you finally find a YT demo.... Then you feel dumb, ?cause it?s so simple. Which is why I hope this little note might help future buyers new to strap locks.

Afterwards, make sure the security lock screws match, or pretty closely match, the original screws and holes in the guitar body. I felt these weren?t the best fit for the Harley Benton RG-Junior BK Rock Series I got for my 6 year-old. His guitar, a 3/4 size, had smaller strap holder holes and screws. But I managed to get these locks to fit just the same. And they certainly feel tight. So I?m confident they will do the job.

In summary, why take the risk of relying only on a shoulder strap to keep your instrument, or your kid?s, off the ground? Better to invest a few euros and 15 minutes to secure your investment.

Still, HB, instructions would be an easy and useful addition...


Super quality and as good as their competitors
Brian2969 29.12.2021
These are excellent value for money and literally cannot fail completely, like the original Schaller design they are based upon.

The main washer is larger than the competitors but this causes no problems. You need to be finish when fully tightening the nut when it’s fitted to the strap to ensure the strap lock U on the strap is the correct way round, and that you don’t get lots of slip on the nut as the metal is not indestructible.

These work great and I have them on guitars from €75 - €4000+ without issue, and gig them professionally.

You can buy 4 sets for the price of the original versions (which are now better than these as they have a retaining bolt for final grip) but essentially these do the same job. They are also interchangeable between Schaller strap buttons and the HB ones.


My first security locks...
Small Shed Luthier 16.01.2022
Well, not exactly, since I bought them for a guitar I'm giving away, but I never tried these before ( always did it old school ) and was in doubt about how they work.

But guess what, it's simple. For those who don't know how it works, here goes:
- first, just pull the ball pin out and slide the "U" part from the strap pin button
- then, obviously, screw the strap pin button to the guitar
- now, remove the bolt and washer from the "u" piece and insert the piece into the strap holes from the inside of your strap
- insert the washer and the nut back, and before tightening it, choose wich direction you want the "u" piece facing ( I look up and found out that some people use it facing down (u) or up (n).

And that's it, just slide the "u" pieces onto the strap pins already in your guitar and just to be sure, give it a nudge on top of the ball pin, although it has a very good spring action.

About it's quality, they're sturdy, secure and the felt washers they come with are excellent, and that's why I'll be buying more of these for my own guitars.


Not suitable for Ibanez RGA42
sikenzo 10.01.2022
The locks were too narrow for my RGA42 stock strap holders, so I had to change them with what comes in the package. But, the original screws are too thick for these Harley Benton holders and the screws which came in the package were too small. They simply didn't hold onto the guitar, they were very loose. I had to put on the originals back and now I am looking for another product.

Material scratches easily but that is probably just the black paint, which is not a big thing. They might be suitable for other guitars but not for Ibanez RGA42, if you don't want to glue them on your guitar.