Clearsonic A1824x2 Amp Shield


2-Segment Panel

  • For live and studio applications
  • Noise and sound shielding of amplifiers or instruments
  • Easy handling by folding accordion-style hinge
  • Made out of high quality laser-cut acrylic
  • Consists of 2 panels with connectors (Hinges)
  • Thickness: 6.35 mm
  • Height: 610 mm
  • Width: 457 mm
  • Indispensable for volume control on the stage and in the studio for a clean mix
  • This size is suitable for shielding of combo amps
available since August 2012
Item number 289653
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Absorber Wall
Dimensions 610 x 914 mm
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Clearsonic - a transparent solution for an age-old problem
Matthew S. 02.03.2014
As I am sure most of you are aware, this product is synonymous with a certain Mr Bonamassa.

Joe is probably one the most YouTube'd guitarists out there and, of the huge amount of footage that I've seen, only once have I watched him play live without his trusty acrylic baffle.

If you're a fan, you will also probably have noticed that Mr B has 200w of cranked Marshall / D-type amplification pumping out what must be around 120db+ at any one time - even in an intimate gigging environment! So, given that Joe still seems to have perfectly good ears and the musicians around him do not appear to be flinching in disapproval, one can only assume that these Clearsonic products must be doing something pretty darn special.

Convinced by what I had seen, I purchased a combo-sized Clearsonic from Thomann and the results have been nothing short of a revelation!

Now, the important thing to remember with these is they they do not absorb or reduce sound - they do something much more useful. The diffuse and disperse it. This means that your amp is no longer firing a 'death ray' past the back of your knees and directly at the sound guys head!

The sound from your amp simply radiates in a harmlessly upward & outward filling the stage space thus sparing the front row, the sound guy's sanity and furnishing you with an excellent monitoring environment.

I would recommend Clearsonic if any of the following apply to you.

1) You like to crank the volume/master on any amp over 5w
2) You're asked to turn down regularly on stage
3) You play live in intimate environments
4) You practice amplified at home with small children in close proximity
5) You value your hearing

I have owned my Clearsonic for a number of weeks and it is an indispensable part of my rig. I will be ordering more sizes soon - particularly now I know I can finally blow the dust off my 100 watters :)


Problems solved
Gerry Lane 08.08.2018
The Clearsonic A18-2 plexiglass has solved a lot of problems for me.
I play in a venue that holds (when full) 150 + people and, some of those people sit just about 3 meters from the front of the stage.
I use a Fender Blues Deville reissue (4x10 and 60w) and believe me?that amp is loud (even at 4 or 5 ?the sweet spot?). I use backing tracks and I always had the problem of the guitar being louder than the track so, I would have to turn down quiet a lot and of course I would lose the nice natural sound of the amp.
I decided to buy the Clearsonic A18-2 (after reading an interview with Joe Bonamassa who said that, he won?t play big venues or small venues without his Clearsonic plexiglass) and, this piece of plastic completely changed my playing and sound situation.
I can now really drive the amp without the fear of beheading the people sitting in front of the stage and, the guitar now sits comfortably in the overall mix.
The Clearsonic A18-2 is great, I love it and I highly recommend it for players (guitarists, bassists, keyboardists) who wand to play hard but still control the volume.


Stephen l. 19.05.2015
Used this all week. Works very well in small indoor venues at stopping "the treble beam" hitting the front row full on. Bigger out door venues you will need to mic the amp up n


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Tut genau, was es soll
FerdiW 01.08.2016
Ehrlich gesagt ist das Clearsonic eine der sinnvollsten Anschaffungen der letzten Jahrzehnte.
Anders als das Deeflexx macht es den Amp nicht "rundum besser hörbar" (genau das Gegenteil von dem, was man meist braucht - oder sind eure Amps zu liese? Meine nicht...) sondern nimmt den direkten Schallkegel vorm Amp weg (schont Mitmusiker, Publikum und Mischer sowie Veranstalter ... alle Nichtgitarristen halt), lässt jedeoch nach oben den Schall heraus, sodass er - nicht ganz ungünstige Positionierung vorausgesetzt - das Ohr des Gitarristen gut erreich. Resultat: Man kann den Amp weiter aufdrehen bzw muss ihn nicht mit der Pinzette einstellen und ist trotzdem in Abstraghlrichtung des Amps leiser - obwohl der Sound stimmt und man sich auch so hört!

Der Gesamtsound unserer 2-Gitarren-Band ist durch die Clearsonics deutlich aufgeräumter und besser geworden.

Des Weiteren kann man bei Combos oder offenen Boxen auf open air-Bühnen ein größeres Clearsonic sehr gut HINTER der Box/dem Combo einsetzen, um die sonst nach hinten verloren gehenden Schallanteile in Richtung Bühnenmitte umzuleiten.

Fazit. astreines Teil, und nicht so albern überteuert wie das Deeflexx (mit dem ich in 3 Monaten einfach nicht warm wurde). Klare Kaufempfehlung für das Clearsonic!