Top 5 Delay Pedals: Low Budget

Top 5 Delay Pedals: Low Budget

A wise man once said, “It all sounds better with delay!” And right he was! You’ll be stunned to find the huge variety of delay pedals available in the market. So to narrow it down, it may be helpful to first check your budget, as the pedals range from below €50 up to a couple hundred. In this video we selected 5 delays in the lower price range and examined them closely. In the upcoming episodes we will also show you our top 5 delays in the mid-range and higher end models. Enjoy!


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In the video we used the following gear: Mooer Reecho , Valeton Moon Echo Hybrid Delay, Palmer MI Pocket Delay, Harley Benton D-SEED, TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay, JHS Pedals The AT, Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas Style 1 2H FR TRP and the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III.

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