Quiz – What instrument should I learn?

Quiz – What instrument should I learn?

So you want to learn a new instrument, but don’t know which one to choose… Let’s see what this quiz suggests by answering these fun questions…

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Lawrence started playing the electric guitar because of his passion for rock music. Back in the day he played in a metal band, but now plays more for himself.


    I love piano, but guitar will be good! Thank’s!

    I should learn guitar… well that was useless , I already play guitar haha

    I like piano but violino its ok too

    I play guitar but drums are ok too

    Yup. it said piano, but that’s already my main instrument.

    I want to play trumpet, but pianos… not my style.??????????????????

    I’ve always wanted to play guitar since I was young

    i am learning drums and i wanted to learn something new and at the end of the quiz i got drums again………

    This does not work well for me. I HATE the violins (no offense to you violin people out there it’s just I hate the instrument, not the people). I actually play cello. I don’t think I should play the high notes.

    I already play the Saxophone and I took this test just for fun and I got guitar! I’ve never been interested in many string instruments but out of all string instruments I’d only play violin or cello.

    I was lookin to play a bass guitar, and that’s what I got! :3

    Well I really love violin and that’s what i got! I guess I should give myself a change to learn it,

    I’ve been wanting to learn the bass for a while, so I’m pleasantly surprised that I got it as a result

    It suggests I should learn the violin. Not sure what my seven guitars will think about a violin joining the family??

    I got piano, looks like a good choice for a newbie

    i want to play piano but i cant devote myself by myself because i have no teachers

    I got the instrument I already play… BASS

    Gave me drums, I play trumpet lol

    I have been learning the violin for 6 months.
    But I got the saxophone
    What should I do

    i play piano but drums will totally beat it! I love drums!


    i got trumpet! so exited! mom got me one after she heard what i got! love this quiz!

    hm. I got violin ._. strange, violin is the least instrument I thought of playing. I actually like guitar, the music from that instrument is awesome. I made a choice to buy one and learn guitar next year. But maybe violin is my instrument.

    I got bass guitar, I never played it before. I might try it. ?

    I wanted to get piano but I got violin, I’m not mad at it, I actually think I’ll give it a try. I wanna express my feelings with it.

    haha, i played violin before.

    Well i do wanna play the Piano,but I wanna learn how to play the Guitar

    I got piano. I’ve played piano since I was 6.

    I got bass guitar which is the one I was thinking of playing.

    I got bass guitar, What i wanted…BARI SAX!!!!

    Ok i got saxophone but i dont like saxophone at all TT

    I got a violin, and I love it so much. Just thinking it is a bit tough to learn.

    it said: a violin but i don’t like it that much besides it takes so many years to be good at it

    This quiz is totally rubbish… do not waste your time on this.

    agree i got bass guitar and i play kalimba and i dont even like playing guitars

    I am going into middle school and don’t know what instrument to play I a down to saxophone and clarinet. Yall decide.

    be like squidward play the clairenet

    I got violin. I hate it soooo much. I already play piano. What should I do? In almost all the quizzes I got violin. Help me please!

    violins are stupid. what should i choose?

    I hate violin /person who say I hateviolin

    Bass…and yeahh, I wanna learn bass so bad but I don’t have money to buy one LOL.


    that is dumb and lol at the same time \( ` `_ )/

    I’ve always wanted to play drums xd

    I got drums, I’ve always been drawn to them, but for some reason I’ve always been scared to pick it up, but know what? Let’s do it

    I got violin which I already play but I’m not even sure weather I’m good at it but according to my mom dad and sister I am soooo I’m going to carry on playing it ???

    I got violin which I am playing I don’t know weather I’m good but my whole family and friend , strangers say I am so I will continue playing ???

    Do you think I should carry on

    my main instrument is piano but it said violin idk if i even like playing piano or any other instruments..

    i got piano……but it is already my main instrument. and also I wanna play drum

    FLUTE! It’s a jazz ‘classical’ smooth and quiet increment that I could just play alonenor stuff like that

    I play 7 instruments as of right now: drums, saxophone, bass clarinet, ukulele, guitar, trumpet, and piano.

    I started to play the drums in band, then I moved to the saxophone in band since my 8th grade year. I used to play the bass clarinet in 7th grade. The ukulele, guitar, and piano are instruments I just play for fun.

    I played the saxophone for both my freshman and sophomore year in marching band. I might play trumpet my junior year and switch to tenor quad drums my senior year.

    I’m planning on learning more instruments and to learn to be a band director when I go to a music college after I graduate high school. I also hope to play in a college marching band and to be in an orchestra. I am thinking about playing at gig concerts as well.

    Am I the only one who cant find start??


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