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Voggenreiter Grifftabelle für Gitarre Voggenreiter Grifftabelle für Gitarre - over 4000 chords for guitar, by Norbert Opgenoorth and Jeromy Bessler. German language.
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Voggenreiter Lost Chords Grifftabelle Voggenreiter Lost Chords. The open strings unfold with their special sound very own magic: they sound fuller and more meaningful than plucked strings. This fingering chart includes a selection of the most important and most beautiful open chords. These chords open the creative guitarists...
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Voggenreiter Open Tuning Voggenreiter Open Tuning for Guitarists - chords, scales, tunings. German language.
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Voggenreiter Ukulelen Grifftabelle Voggenreiter, Ukulelen Grifftabelle, Fingering chart for Ukulele, Over 1600 chords in standard C and D (a-D-Fis-B),with introductions, German language
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Voggenreiter Mandolinen-Grifftabelle Voggenreiter, Mandolinen-Grifftabelle,Mandolin fingering chart, the most important chords and scales, German language
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Voggenreiter Grifftabelle für Banjo Voggenreiter, Grifftabelle für Banjo, Fingering Chard for banjo, Over 1300 chords in Open G, Standard C, Open D,with introductions, German language
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Voggenreiter Die Basstabelle Voggenreiter Die Basstabelle: bass guitar chords for jazz, rock and pop. Over 1300 chords for the 4 string bass. Fingerboard diagrams and scales for minor and major. Minor and major scales in all tunings.
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Voggenreiter Git-Grifftabelle Linkshänder Voggenreiter,Gitarren-Grifftabelle für Linkshänder, Fingering chart for left hand guitarrist, german language
info   EUR Available immediately
Voggenreiter Fingering Chart for Guitar Voggenreiter Fingering Chart with pictures for guitar. The most important basic chords. Powerchords & chord scales. In this table are the simplest and most important guitar chords in diagrams and photographs. This handle photographs serve as visual "help" to the respective chord most vividly...
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Voggenreiter Keyboard Chart Voggenreiter Keyboard Tabelle: keyboard chords, scales & modi, voicings
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