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  • on 28.12.2011

    N Portsd: "Thomann is an excellent company, I've recommended you to many of my friends that are musicans and they now use you exclusively"

  • on 25.01.2012

    Rob, Norwich, UK: "A massive thanks for the great service I've received from you guys, the guitar is amazing and such an incredible price!"

  • on 25.09.2012 "I have purchased a number of items from you in the past, and have just order another instrument. I am a definite Thomann fan."

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K&M 167 Piano Tuning Hammer K&M 167 Piano Tuning Hammer - 3 conical heads, 6.5-6.9mm star hole, 7.0-7.9mm star hole, 6.2mm square hole. Weight: 0.47kg
info  60 € Available immediately
K&M 168 Tuning Fork 105mm 1K&M 168 tuning fork - A=440. Length 105mm, Width 12mm
info  2,88 € Available immediately
K&M 168/2 Tuning Fork 120mm K&M 168/2, Tuning fork, A 440 Hz, rectangular, Length 120mm, Width 18mm
info  5,90 € Available immediately
K&M 168/1 Tuning Fork 120mm K&M 168/1 - tuning fork (A:440Hz), Length 120mm, Width 16mm
info  3,88 € Available immediately
K&M 28070 Hackbrett Stand K&M of 28070 hackbrett-stands, black, editions with felt undelays , in depth and inclination adjustable, foldable, Vertical adjustment from 700 to 1020 mm. depth from 445 to 665 mm. Weight: 6,6 kg
info  137 € Available immediately
K&M 174 Akkordion Stand K&M 174 Accordian Stand, 7,2 kg, black
info  311 € Available immediately
K&M 166 Piano Tuning Hammer K&M 166 Piano Tuning Hammer - Conical star adapter 6.2 mm. Polished wooden handle, weight 0,2 Kg
info  16,70 € Available shortly (2-5 days)

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