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Active Nearfield Monitors

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Dynaudio BM 12A BMC-2 Set Dynaudio BM 12A BMC-2 Set, contains: 2 pc. Dynaudio BM 12A, TC Electronic BMC-2
info  1.499 € Available immediately
Yamaha MSP 5 Studio Yamaha MSP 5 STUDIO, bi-amped 2-way bassreflex activ monitor, 67 watt (5" LF 40 watt - 1"HF 27 watt), 50Hz - 40kHz, magnetic shielded, XLR und phone jack input,level control, Low Trim, High Trim Switch, power ON LED, dimensions (WxHxD) 179 x 279 x 208 mm
info  262 € Available immediately
KRK VXT8 B-Stock B-Stock, KRK VXT 8 Studio Monitor - tamper resistant switch covers, integrated Omni-Mount support, ground lift, auto on/off, switchable limiter. Features 8" woven Kevlar woofer, 1" silk dome ferrite tweeter, 1x balanced combo (XLR & 1/4" jack) input, 60watts (HF), 120watts (LF), frequency...
info  372 € Available immediately
Monkey Banana Turbo 4 black Monkey Banana Turbo 4 black, active nearfield monitor, LF Driver: 4 inch Magnetically, Shielded PP ceramic cone, HF Driver: 1 inch natural silk dome, Frequency Response: 60Hz 30kHz, HF Level: -6dB / +6dB variable @ 10kHz, LF Level: -6dB / +6dB variable @ 100Hz, Crossover - Frequency: 3kHz, ...
info  198 € Available immediately
Yamaha HS 8 Stand Bundle Yamaha HS 8 Stand Bundle containing 2 pc. Yamaha HS 8, Millenium BS-500 Set
info  584 € Available immediately
Genelec 8020 CWM Genelec 8020 CWM - white, 2-way active studio monitor, with power switch, 66Hz-20kHz (+/-2.5dB), 105dB peak SPL per pair (with music material @ 1m), 95dB short term SPL (RMS @ 1m), 105mm (4") high efficiency bass driver, 19mm (3/4") metal dome tweeter with DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide),...
info  399 € Available immediately
Emes Black TV HR Active Emes Black TV HR Active (CA-2), 2 way 6" bass-reflex nearfield monitor shielded, coaxsystem 100/100W-LF/HF rms, Input XLR bal., input impedance 10 kOhm, Dimensions: 210 x 380 x 250 mm, 7,6 kg, price per piece
info  699 € Available immediately
Event 20/20 bas V3 Event 20/20 bas V3, active two-way studiomonitor, Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20kHz 2dB, Crossover Frequency: 2300Hz, Acoustic Output - SPL @ 1m: Long term (80Hz - 20kHz) 105dB, LF: 180 mm, HF: 25 mm, LF/HF Trim: constantly variable +/- 3 dB, 250 Watt, Magnetic Shielding: Bucking magnet and...
info  353 € Available immediately
KRK RP6 RoKit G3 WH Stand Bundle KRK RP6 RoKit G3 White Stand Bundle containing 2 pc. KRK RP6 RoKit G3 White, Millenium BS-500 Set
info  399 € Available immediately
Event 20/30 bas - left B-Stock B-Stock, Event 20/30 bas - left, Studio 3-way active monitor - left side, Frequency response: 38 Hz to 22 kHz, Crossover frequency 400 Hz and 3 kHz, SPL @ 1m: Long term (80Hz - 20kHz) 111dB, 180-mm woofer with Mineral Filled Polypropylene cone, 85-mm midrange woofer with Mineral Filled...
info  333 € Available immediately
EVE audio SC205 EVE audio SC205, active 2-way studiomonitor, Free-field frequency range (-3dB): 53Hz - 21kHz, Tweeter: AMT RS1, Mid-Woofer: 130mm (5"), Cross-over frequency: 3000Hz, Maximum SPL @ 1m: 101dB, Number of amplifiers: 2, Total short-term output power: 100W, Output power (woofer): 50W, Output power...
info  399 € Available immediately
JBL LSR 4326 PAK JBL LSR 4326PAK Active Studio Monitor Bundle 2x LSR 4326P and LSR 4300 ACC. RMC (Room Mode Correction technology), analyses room frequencies and trims the speakers accordingly. 6.25" woofer (150W), 1" tweeter (70W), frequency response: 55Hz-20kHz, 112dB maximum SPL, XLR and balanced plug...
info  1.299 € Available immediately
Fostex 6301B Fostex 6301B Active Monitor - 10W amplifier power, 10cm full range single cone, 80Hz-13kHz, unbalanced input, magnetically shielded. Dimensions: 188 x 120 x 118mm (H x W x D). Weight: 3.0kg
info  232 € Available immediately
Prodipe Pro 8 V2 Sub 10s Bundle Prodipe Pro 8 V2 Sub 10s Bundle, contains: Prodipe Pro 8 Active V2 Studiomonitors, Prodipe Pro 10s V2 Active Subwoofer
info  499 € Available immediately
ESI aktiv 05 ESI active 05, active 5" studio nearfield monitor, 2-ways, Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20 kHz, magnetically shielded. Bass: 30W (5"), HF (1"): 30W. Input: balanced XLR, unbalanced 1/4" TR. Dimensions: 250 x 176 x 200 mm, Weight: 4.5 kg.
info  99 € Available immediately
Samson MediaOne BT5 Refurbished Samson MediaOne BT5 Refurbished Bluetooth, 2-way active studio monitors with rear-vented, precision-tuned port enclosures (sold in stereo pairs), Bluetooth connectivity to connect wireless music sources, 5-inch copolymer woofers, 50 watts per side, 1-inch silk dome tweeters, Front panel level...
info  116 € Available immediately
Samson Media One 3a Samson Media One 3a - compact active studio monitors, recommended for desktop audio and video setups. 3" woofer and precision-tuned, rear-vented enclosure, 25mm silk dome high frequency driver, 15W Class A/B internal power per speaker. Front panel level control knob, headphone output and...
info  97 € shipment due to arrive on 13.08.2014
Monkey Banana Gibbon5 red Monkey Banana Gibbon5 red, active nearfield monitor, woofer: 5 " magnetically shielded polypropylene membrane, tweeter: 1" silk dome tweeter, frequency response: 48 - 22000 Hz, HF - Level: +/- 6 dB variable at 10Khz, LF - Level: +/- 6 dB variable at 100hz, crossover frequency:3 kHz, LF -...
info  150 € Available immediately
EVE audio SC307 EVE audio SC307, active 3-way studio monitor, Free-field frequency range (-3dB): 40Hz - 21kHz, Tweeter: AMT RS2, Mid-Woofer: 165mm/6,5", Woofer: 165mm/6,5", Cross-over frequency: 300Hz/3000Hz, Maximum SPL at 1m: 114dB, 3 amplifiers, Total short-term output power: 250W, Output power (woofers): 2 x 100W, Output power (tweeter): 50W, Protection limiter, Settings: Volume: -inf. - +6dB, High-shelf filter (-5dB - +3dB): > 3kHz, Desk filter boost (0dB - +3dB): 80Hz, Desk filter cut (-5dB - 0dB): 160Hz, Low-shelf filter (-5dB - +3dB): < 300Hz, Level-fix dip switch, Filter-fix dip switch, Woofer-change dip switch (left <-> right positioning), Connectors XLR and RCA in (impedance 10kOhms), Dimensions (WHD): 500 x 215 x 310 mm, Weight: 12,4kg
info  999 € Available immediately
Samson MediaOne BT4 Refurbished Samson MediaOne BT4 Refurbished Bluetooth, 2-way active studio monitors with rear-vented, precision-tuned port enclosures (sold in stereo pairs), Bluetooth connectivity to connect wireless music sources, 4-inch copolymer woofers, 40 watts per side, 1-inch silk dome tweeters, Front panel level...
info  97 € Available immediately
Focal CMS50 Bundle Focal CMS50 Bundle containing 2 pc. Focal CMS50, Focal Carrier Bag CMS50
info  1.069 € Available immediately
Samson Studio Dock3i Samson Studio Dock3i - monitor speaker with Integrated iPod dock to sync, charge and play music, USB input to stream digital audio from your computer, high-resolution sound, 3.25" drivers, magnetically shielded, inverted cone, copolymer woofer, 25mm silk dome HF driver, bass reflex vented...
info  67 € Available immediately
Behringer MS40 Multimedia Speake B-Stock B-Stock, Behringer MS40 Multimedia Speaker - 2-way active studio monitors ideally suited for computer studios, audio/multimedia workstations and keyboard monitoring, 2x 20W, 24-bit/192kHz D/A, optical & coaxial inputs, 2 stereo analog inputs featuring 1/8" TRS and stereo RCA connectors (can be...
info  124 € Available immediately
ESI aktiv 08 ESI active 08, active 8" studio nearfield monitor, 2-ways, Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20 kHz, magnetically shielded. Bass: 60W (5"), HF (1"): 30W. Input: balanced XLR, unbalanced 1/4" TR. Dimensions: 250 x 350 x 320 mm. Weight: 10.2 kg.
info  149 € Available immediately
KRK RP8 RoKit G2 KRK RP8 RoKit G2 Active Monitor, 20 Watt HF / 70 Watt LF, 8" woofer, 1" tweeter, bi-amp design, magnetically shielded, frequency response: 45Hz-20kHz, XLR, RCA and 1/4" TRS inputs. Dimensions: 38.1 x 26.5 x 33cm. Weight: 13,9 kg. (Price per unit.)
info  199 € Available immediately
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