Thomann Fado Guitar Coimbra Standard


Guitare fado de Coimbra

  • Table en épicéa massif
  • Fond et éclisses en sapele
  • Manche en acajou
  • Touche en ovangkol
  • Largeur au sillet: env. 45 mm
  • Diapason: env. 470 mm
  • Accordage Coimbra: Do/Do1, Sol/Sol1, La/La1, Ré/Ré, Sol/Sol, La/La
  • Finition: Vernis à pores ouverts
  • Livrée en housse
  • Fabriquée en Europe


  • Longueur totale: env. 836 mm
  • Longueur du corps: env. 420 mm
  • Largeur inférieure: env. 380 mm
  • Profondeur sans chevalet: env. 92 mm
  • Profondeur avec chevalet: env. 120 mm
Référencé depuis Mars 2015
Numéro d'article 356587
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Accordage Do/Do1, Sol/Sol1, La/La1, Ré/Ré, Sol/Sol, La/La
Diapason 442 mm
369 €
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Sparkling ...
Anonyme 28.03.2016
Nice sounding and inspiring instrument.

For one of my projects I'm always searching for interesting acoustic instruments, as a counterpoint for all my other mainly electronic projects. So over time I have gathered a variety of string instruments like Dobro guitar, Pipa, Saz, Ud, mandoline, banjo, steel guitar, etc.
So I was searching for something maybe like a 12 string guitar, to add a new sound. I came across this fair priced fado guitar here at Thomann and I decided to buy this, it looked nice... though it is of course something different than a standard 12 string guitar.
When I took it out of the box it smelled like a new guitar, and it looked just perfect. The finishing lacquer was smooth and the whole instrument didn't look or feel cheap at all. The tuning mechanics work very nice and precise. It is easy to play and the sound is really fantastic, I like it very much. It is light, bright, and a bit melancholic at the same time. Sparkling like dewdrops in spring.
Of course you have to adjust to the alternative tuning of the instrument, but I found that inspiring.
Positive: Very nice instrument for a very good price!
Negative: none.
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