Top 8 strangest reasons for cancelling a gig

Top 8 strangest reasons for cancelling a gig

With or without the sex drugs n rock n roll, life on tour is no doubt, mentally and physically demanding. When a gig’s a no show, whether from legit physical or personal matters, travel issues, weather conditions, fan hysteria and the list goes on, fans are crushed with disappointment to say the least. Not just the fans are affected, but also the musicians, managers, agents, road crew, vendors, staff, security etc etc.. So with so much at stake, when a gig is cancelled it’s often not without good reason. But there are, however, also some rather strange ones. Here are 8 gig cancellations that have undoubtedly marked the history and spirit of Rock!

They say it’s good luck…

During their concert in St. Louis Missouri, rock band Kings of Leon were under an attack from airborne excrement. The amphitheatre was invested with raging pigeons who were using the band and their musical equipment as target practice. Finally the pigeons were a successful aim at both Jared Followill’s arms before finally getting his mouth, which is when the guys had enough and retreated from the stage.

Should I stay or Should I go?

London’s The Clash were known to been involved in a number of arrests, having notoriously “fought the law”. Although this may have played a part in their gig being cancelled after it was dropped by their insurance company, the stranger reason was when they had to cancel a tour because Joe Strummer mysteriously disappeared. He was later found hiding out in France to run the Paris marathon.

Eau de barbeque

Militant vegan and avid animal rights campaigner Morrissey, is all too familiar with cancelling gigs. A few instances include when he left the set at the 2009 Coachella festival as soon as barbecued burger fumes struck his nose, “I can smell burning flesh … and I hope to God it’s human”, and in Iceland, because the venue refused to serve strictly vegetarian food or as he put it because of “their cannibalistic flesh eating bloodlust”.

Excess snow

Mötley Crüe cancelled their UK tour in 1988 due to “too much snow on the roof”, which was Mick Mars’ official statement. Considering they were notorious for their hedonistic sex drugs & rock n roll lifestyle, this of course led to other implications, and understandably so. However in reality it may just have involved the safety precautions regarding Tommy Lee’s infamous revolving drum set.

Erratic behaviour

Oasis’ Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel, weren’t without altercations which often got in the way of performing. At times the altercations were external, such as when their concert abruptly ended when Noel was physically attacked on stage. However, at other times the altercations were more internal, such as when Liam decided to pull out of their crucial “make or break” US tour in 1996, as he remembered he had to go house hunting instead.

Foreign policy

The Chinese government have strict regulations, having banned several western artists. The list includes, Oasis who attended a Free Tibet concert, Linkin Park who were photographed with the Dalai Lama, Bjork who chanted “Tibet! Tibet” at her Shanghai gig and Marroon 5 whose birthday tweet to the Dalai Lama’s 80th, is speculated to have led to the cancellation of two of their concerts in China.

Gettin high

In 2006, the Rolling Stones had to reschedule their European tour. Reason being that Keith Richards, with a history of debaucherous heydays and having “over-refreshed” himself to the point of postponing gigs in the past, was high in Fiji. Literally high, before tumbling down from the 15 foot tall coconut tree. As serious as the injuries and consequences were, you can’t help but chuckle wondering what business ol’ Keef had being up in that tree.

Hair ban

Led Zeppelin were scheduled to perform in Singapore in the early seventies, but at the dismay of many unfortunate fans couldn’t make it anywhere near the venue. Because of the country’s strict policies, they weren’t permitted into the country or to even set foot off the plane. Not because of any controversy regarding their heavy rocking music, lyrics or lifestyle, but because of their hair, it was simply too long.

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    I once cancelled a gig cause a broke my left wrist, otherwise, never.

    I’m adding “Raging Pigeons” to my list of potential band/song names immediately. Thanks!

    Cancelled a gig because at work a few days before stabbed my self in the wrist with a exacto knife cleaning out a drain. Couldn’t use my left hand for about 2 weeks. Otherwise the show must go on.

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