New classics – Roland Boutique synthesizers, tested for your enjoyment

New classics – Roland Boutique synthesizers, tested for your enjoyment

Classic sound meets the mobility of modernity: as part of an exclusive preview visit to Treppendorf, Michael from Roland presents Roland’s three Boutique synthesizers: the Boutique JP-08, the Boutique JU-06, and the Roland Boutique JX-03.

These three enable you to make music wherever you are! In addition to excellent sound quality and practical easy-to-transport construction, the little boxes feature authentic sound production, built-in speakers and battery operation. There is even a limited edition available in module format. The devices will soon be available from us, and we are already taking pre-orders. In the video, the synthesizers are hooked up to the Boutique K-25m Keyboard, which you can play yourself.

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In our videos, we have asked the Roland expert to give us a closer look at the individual items – why don’t you check them out:

The Boutique JP-08 Synth being tested:

The Boutique JU-06 – click here to see what this guy can do …

The Roland Boutique JX-03 – watch the video here …

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    Hi Vince,

    they’re good videos and I really like them. Thank you for this exclusive opportunity to see the new stuff

    Sure thing, there will be more videos coming! 🙂

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