Epic Stories – The Power of Music

Epic Stories – The Power of Music

“Once Upon a time…”

We’ve heard these three words throughout our childhood again and again: almost all fairy tales begin with them. They tell us stories that are fictitious, ones that cannot be taken literally, but that contain a moral or a greater truth, something that can be universally understood. Fiction and reality (“truth”) enter into an exciting connection in fairy tales.

Tales of music and people…

At the beginning of April, the first Epic Stories motifs of our “Power of Music” campaign appeared in magazines. The four stories are all about the power of music: how it changes the world, conquers death, saves lives or brings people together. They tell about the soldier Jack Tueller, whose trumpet saves his life during World War II. Or by Carol who is sick with Alzheimer‘s and has forgotten everything except for the beloved songs from her childhood.

In the epic stories, music and literary elements combine to form a powerful duo: the power of words meets that of music (wordplay is not excluded)! This symbiosis enriches the text and invites deeper thought, reinforcing yet again that  music is the language that everyone understands.


In the next few weeks we will tell you powerful and touching stories about music and people. Be curious. We want to start with our manifesto below ? our commitment to music. We wish you a lot of fun while browsing!


War Called Off 

Music Stands Up Against Alzheimer’s

(stay tuned for more stories)

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Joe has been singing since he can remember and started playing guitar when he was 10. He's been using it as a songwriting tool ever since. He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. Check out his alternative / indie projects Best of Feelings and Zef Raček.


    The story takes place 10 years ago, when I was 13 years old.
    I’d been learning guitar for a 2 years on and off, but it didn’t grab me as I didn’t like what I was playing and I didn’t have any idol musicians to inspire me.
    That night i had fallen asleep with the TV on and was awakened by the blistering sound of a guitar. Metallica’s live show “Binge and Purge” from ’89 was on.
    I was amazed by the raw power of the riffs and lightning fast guitars. I had never seen anything like that.
    After that I started trying to learn Metallica’s songs on my classical guitar.
    Forward to now, I play guitar and synthesizers in a band, about to put out a record and enjoying every bit of it.
    All of this thanks to that night.

    THIS IS IT….
    My childhood was not an easy one. My parents used to fight with each other everytime. I was so frustrated for being a victim of these events. Even as a kid I was bullied a lot during school.
    It is these events in my life that inspired me to pick up the guitar.
    Guitar has helped me through a lot and is still helping me handle my emotions. I’m completely into Rock and Heavy Metal music because I think that type of music suits me as I had a really tragic childhood. I’m a big fan of bands like LED ZEPPELIN, QUEEN, GUNS N ROSES, AVENGED SEVENFOLD and many more.

    So back in April.
    I was chilling, watching a YouTube video and some guy calls to my house by ringing the doorbell.

    So being the lazy mofo I am, I ignore the repeat ringing.
    A few moments pass and I hear a huge crash from a window being smashed downstairs
    I quickly realise that my house is being broken into and need to get ready to deal with it.

    Looking around my room to procure an item I could use to defend myself with I had to opt to picking a guitar.
    The guitar I chose was the Harley Benton 8 string guitar.
    (Harley Benton R-458 BK Progressiv Series)

    Armed with that beast, I charge downstairs and encounter the burglar breaking and entering.

    At this point there’s glass all over the floor and the burglar is making his way into the house.
    Holding the 8 string guitar by the headstock I approach him and tell to get the F out.
    The burglar threatened cut to me with a box cutter so bashed him across the head with 8 string!
    He hit the ground like a sack of shit but he quickly got to his feet before I hit him again and jumped back out through the window and took off running!

    I tried to cut him off by running out the front door but it was locked.
    I ran back upstairs grabbed my keys and saw from my bedroom window
    that he was getting away.

    So instead of going downstairs and out the front door, I jump from the second story window still with the 8 string in hand!

    At that moment the burglar looked back while I was mid free fall and look of horror on his face was priceless.
    At that point he knew he was F’d!

    So he took off running for his life down the street while I charged after him wielding the HB 8 string body raised overhead ready to whack him with it!

    I managed to close the distance and I gave him a belt of the guitar across the head and temporarily stun him.

    I got infront of him and that this point he brandishes his stanley blade knife and begins slashing at me with it!
    Luckily I was able to maintain distance and parry all his attacks by jabbing him in the face repeatedly with the guitar.

    Two minutes of knife/guitar duelling we find ourselves out in the middle of the road on a roundabout and all traffic has come to a halt as we continued fighting!

    After many well placed strikes the burglar’s head was beginning to look like ‘Sloth’ from ‘The Goonies’ movie.
    Realising that I wasn’t gonna give up the burglar then tried to make a get away by hijacking an articulated lorry which resulted in him getting punched straight in the face and falling out of the lorry cab!
    He then proceeded to get into another car and threaten the driver telling them to drive.

    My heart sank as I thought he was gonna get away but I just couldn’t let that piece of shit get away with it, so I chased after the car in what would have looked like a low budget Terminator 2 chase scene!

    Somehow I managed to keep up with the car and see where it was going!

    The driver had pulled over and the scumbag got out and planned to hide in a barber shop to which he was quickly escorted off the premises because he had a head on him like a buckled mattress.
    I ran into them and ask the to call the guards.

    Meanwhile the moron went into a neighbouring café and sat down (I think that was the concussion beginning to set in!)

    At this stage I had enough and I left the guitar outside and I went in and disarmed and pinned him in the café as staff and customers looked on in confusion but I calmly explained to everyone once I had in an anaconda choke.

    The guards appeared in no time and arrested him and put him into the back of the car.

    The moral of the story is:
    Don’t bring a knife to a guitar fight

    #ThePowerOfMusic #MyEpicMusicStory

    So, back in 2016 me and my best ftiend desperately wanted to go to Black Stone Cherry’s concert in Milan.
    We wanted it so bad that we decided to undertake a journey all by ourselves (we were just 16) through italy just playing in the streets to earn some money.
    I remember that summer as one of the best things that happened to me, especially because while we were playing in Bologna, an homeless guy came next to us and gave us 2€ (probably everything he had) he looked straight into my eyes and said :” don’t you ever stop playing music, because the people like you are the ones that make the world a better place”.
    The concert got cancelled, but those words will be forever in my mind, because they remind me each day what music is, and they help me go on practicing and following my dreams in the most difficult moments, when the only thing to do seems to surrender and to give up.

    #ThePowerOfMusic #MyEpicMusicStory

    I was about 10 years old and a super shy kid and had played the guitar a bit but no one knew. When I heard about a open mic night I challenged myself to play there. I rehearsed my guitar and though I was ready to play. When it came round to my turn I freaked and panicked. I walked on stage with sweat dripping from my head from the stage lights and then I got the nod to begin. I blanked for a second forgetting my song. But then it came back and I played. It sent me into my own universe where I was worried about the crowd and the stage fright disappeared. Then afterwards I got many compliments saying they didn’t know I could play that well

    I’m Pekkanini, a Swedish composer/musician with the theremin as my speciality.
    This is the story about how I found that odd instrument:
    After having composed music for the Swedish theater stage since the early 80s, I found myself completely out of ideas in the beginning of year 2000.
    I felt I had lost my own musical style in my efforts to write music for theater plays.
    In 2002 Robert Moog, the inventor of the first synthesizers, got the Swedish Polar Prize.
    He was also the man who made the theremin commercial again in the US, and the first synthesizers where built on the same technique as the theremin.
    Because of the Polar Prize they showed a documentary on Swedish TV about the man who invented the theremin in Russia 1919, Leon Theremin.
    There was an old film with him playing that very strange instrument.
    I got completely hooked when I saw that!
    I said to my friends the next day:
    ”Did you see that guy on TV yesterday, playing that mysterious instrument just by waving his hands in front of two antennas?!”
    I said, just for fun: ”I would absolutely love to have one of those!”
    Some time later, on my birthday, my friends had bought me my first theremin. At the time there was only one Swedish store to provide a theremin, now you can find them all over.
    That was a new musical start for me!
    And here I am! 🙂

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