The Best Trumpet for Beginners

The Best Trumpet for Beginners

Whether you simply want to start a new hobby playing the trumpet or you want to introduce your kids to the brass section at an early age, there is always the question of the optimal entry-level instrument. Shiny precious metals and intricate engravings aside, what should you pay attention to in terms of playability and longevity? What does a reasonable entry-level trumpet cost?

The answers: It starts with one or two green bills and from there it only gets better. Most importantly, the trumpet must suit the player, and the player the trumpet. Here’s a digest of the best beginner trumpets that allow you to develop your skills without limits… 


Suggestion 1: Thomann TR 200 B♭ trumpet

Convincing, with flawless running valves and trains, the TR 200 is a reasonable entry-level or second instrument. It shines with clean intonation and a clearly defined sound. Gloss is also the right word from a visual point of view: brass beakers, brass mouth parts and the outer slides are made of nickel silver. Proven for years, the Bb trumpet starts off ambitious instrumentalists with reliable quality and with limited budget: it costs just 149 euros and includes a light case, mouthpiece and care oil!

Thomann TR 200 Bb


By the way No. 1:  Consider the mouthpiece as the centrepiece

Especially for the brass-inexperienced: The mouthpiece is as important as the instrument itself. They are as different as each mouth’s expression of the lip muscles is. Most vendors ship with a standard mouthpiece, but there is no standard for lips. So take the mouthpiece into account.

Bach 351 1-1/2C

Suggestion 2: Jupiter JTR 700

The best-selling model of Jupiter – for students and advanced players alike – was the JP 606 trumpet. But this winner has a legitimate successor: the Jupiter JTR 700 Bb. The instrument features stainless steel valves with internal springs, gold brass tuning bows and nickel silver outer slides, and many other harmonious features. On the playability card of business, the JTR 700 can play easily and is beginner-friendly. For a cheaper option take a look at the 500 series.

Jupiter JTR 700

By the way No. 2: Neighbours & co.

Playing the trumpet is mostly, well… LOUD. If you do not want your neighbours to be angry with you, you’ll be interested in damper techniques / accessories at an early stage. With Silent Brass systems you can play virtually silently. Then maybe you can invite the neighbours over for dinner and their damaged eardrums can relax.

Yamaha SB-7X-2

Suggestion 3: Kühnl & Hoyer Sella

Okay, she’s quite more expensive than the models mentioned so far. But it’s worth it. The Sella by Kühnl & Hoyer is repeatedly called optimal – because for students it’s a long-term accompanying instrument. Some time ago, this Bb trumpet was awarded the prize for being the winner of the German Musical Instrument Prize. Sonically, it presents itself brightly and powerfully. Functional with hand-inlaid stainless steel valves; ML bore and extremely light running. In doing so, even less air is required for the response than with the high-priced models of the German manufacturer. An absolute recommendation for aspiring brass enthusiasts.

Kühnl & Hoyer Sella G Bb-Trumpet


By the way No. 3: Pocket trumpet?

Especially with the smaller music students, some parents might think of buying them a pocket trumpet. It’s so cute and small and handy! The music teachers see it differently: pocket trumpets are by no means easier to play just because they are smaller but could be ideal as a second or third instrument. They don’t really make sense as a beginner instrument, it may be more sensible to look for a cornet or flugelhorn instead.

Thomann TR 5 Bb-Taschentrompete blau

Thomann TR 5 Bb-Taschentrompete

Suggestion 4: Thomann TR 500 L B♭ Trumpet

No doubt, it’s more affordable. The days when beginners had to invest huge sums of money before the first note was played are long gone. As a model with easy response and smooth valve run in our 500 series, Thomann offers gems such as the TR 500 L. The trumpet, with stainless steel valves, slide stop on the third and saddle on the first valve train and other thoughtful details, provides everything needed for beginners. And if you want to hold an even higher-quality sweetheart in your hands, you can do so with the TR-5000 SGK Bb trumpet, for example.

Thomann TR 500 L Bb


By the way, No. 4: Trumpet or Cornet?

Also popular with students is the cornet. The advantages: It is built more compact, the valves including the machine are closer to the face. The instrument is less top-heavy and children can hold the instrument better. But it has a completely different sound than the radiant trumpet.


Suggestion 5: Yamaha YTR 2330

A classic among the entry-level trumpets is the Yamaha YTR 2330. In addition to the easy playability with harmonious intonation, the concept was designed with the lowest possible weight and ergonomics suitable for beginners. There is no support on the main tuning train on the YTR-2330 making it easier to control. The Monel valves work as smoothly as butter, the sound is pleasantly soft. And the response is very forgiving to untrained lips. In terms of price, it moves below € 500 in a reasonable range with an ideal price-performance ratio. In the current version, the valve covers and pusher buttons have been revised.

Yamaha YTR 2330


By the way, No. 5: Get into it and progress 

Let us remember what “getting into it” means. Sounds banal, maybe even stupid but the explanation is the same: the entry is just the beginning, not more but also not less. Your best goal is to be persistent and have fun with learning and succeeding. As with all other instrumentalists, it is important for brass players to have a functional and quality instrument in their hands which will lead them to the next steps. Have fun on your journey!


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