Best Apps for Musicians in 2023

Best Apps for Musicians in 2023

Apps, Apps, Apps… It’s undeniable that we are currently in the app era. Our smartphone has become part of our day to day lives and also its so ever present in the music making process. Creative professionals are always striving to be more productive and innovative, and trying to stay ahead of the game. We’ve put together some of the best apps for musicians in 2023 that will make life on the road and in the studio a lot easier!

Music Production Apps

Ableton Note

best apps for musicians 2023

Looking for the best apps for musicians in 2023 to start new musical ideas and experiment with sounds? Look no further than Ableton Note, a cutting-edge digital audio workstation designed to help musicians create and record their best work.

With a curated selection of sounds and effects at your fingertips, one of Note’s standout features is its ability to record and manipulate sounds from the world around you using your phone’s microphone. This makes it easy to create your own unique sound palette and experiment with different textures and tones.

Ableton Note is perfect for creating songs and textures when you’re on the go, just by using the tools available in your smartphone! A go-to app for musicians in 2023

Download Ableton Note for iOS

Sountrap by spotify


Sountrap - best apps for musicians

Multi-track and collaborate together to create music. Designed alongside musicians and artists Soundtrap Capture, by Spotify, is a multi-track recording app for on-the-go music capture, songwriting and creation.

Sketch ideas by using Soundtrap Capture to record, layer, edit and share beats and songs whenever inspiration strikes. Invite friends, music makers and your collaborators by sharing links over messaging apps, email or social media, easily and intuitively.

Sountrap is available for both iOS and Android makes it seamlessly easy to create your tracks using the integrated web browser DAW.

Download Sountrap for Android | Download Sountrap for iOS


Garage Band

best apps for musicians - GarageBand

Still the top dog among the music apps is GarageBand. This Apple classic has been around for a few years and is still as up-to-date as ever due to the updates. It’s an easy-to-use yet feature-rich app that lets you create full compositions on your mobile phone. A guarantee for reasonable organization and music creation, and a must download for best apps for musicians in 2023!


Download Garageband for iOS


Roland ZenBeats

Best apps for musicians in 2023 - Roland Zen Beats


Don’t worry Android users, we’ve got you covered! Many apps for musicians are only available on iOS, however, we have went above and beyond to give you some great Android music apps as well! Definitely one of the best apps for musicians in 2023 for both Android and iOS is Roland ZenBeats!

Roland Zenbeats is a mobile-friendly music creation app with a vast selection of modern and legendary sounds. With over 14,000 presets to choose from, musicians of any level can create beats, multitrack songs, or sample the world around them. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, Zenbeats is the perfect app for unleashing your creativity and making music anywhere, anytime.

Download ZenBeats for Android | Download ZenBeats for iOS

All-in-one Teaching Apps

Fender Play

best apps for musicians - fender Play

Learn to play guitar from the most trusted name in music. Fender Play makes it easy to learn how to play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and/or ukulele.  This guitar learning app is designed for players of all skill levels, from beginners to more seasoned musicians and from kids to adults.

With Fender Play, you’ll learn guitar from knowledgeable instructors with a robust curriculum packed into bite-sized video lessons. Learn to play hundreds of guitar chords, scales, songs, and riffs at your own pace. Fender Play has an extensive library of songs for you to play, making it the best app to learn to play guitar by trying your hand at songs you love.

Download Fender Play for Android | Download Fender Play for iOS

Yousician (Guitar/Piano/Ukulele)

best apps for musicians

Yousician is your personal music teacher for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Singing and Bass! Learn and play thousands of songs on your real instrument with clear, instant feedback as the app listens along. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. The app listens to you play and gives instant feedback on your accuracy and timing. Yousician is one of the top ranking apps for musician’s in 2023 on both Google Play and App Store! Go Check it out!

Download Yousician – Learn Guitar for Android |
Download Yousician – Learn Guitar  for iOS

Sheet Music Apps for Musicians


best apps for musicians - App ForScore

forScore is the music reader for the iPad. Its functionalities include much more than just the ability to store sheets, it’s a great solution to manage, modify and compose songs. The app is user-friendly, the design is bright and the notes are easy to read. The sheet music can be added as PDF via a Dropbox folder, exchanged via Bluetooth or photographed with the camera. Then the scores can be organized, displayed and edited in different ways.

Download forScore for iOS


iReal Pro

best apps for musicians

Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art. It simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice. The app also lets you create and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference. It was awarded one of the best inventions in 2010 by the Time’s Magazine, and we believe that it is still one of the best app for musicians.

Download iReal Pro for Android | Download iReal Pro for iOS

Tuning & Metronome Apps


An intuitive interface, packed with all features you need to practice your tempo. Powerful customization, rock-solid precision and world class setlist management. The Metronome by Soundbrenner is a must-have for every musician. And almost everything is free! This powerful app when synced up with Soundbrenner’s Pulse, a wearable wrist metronome, will make you a much better musicians thanks to it’s cutting-edge technology. Tap the tempo, feel the vibrations and start playing!

Download The Metronome by Soundbrenner for Android |
Download The Metronome by Sondbrenner for iOS


Get in tune and play your favorite songs with GuitarTuna, the world’s #1 tuner app! Fast, accurate tuning across 15 instruments including guitar, ukulele, and bass. This tuner is another gem from the same company which created Yousician. With this app you can always tune your instrument no matter where you go, and it’s useful especially for forgetful musicians who don’t remember if they brought their pedalboards or not!

Download Guitar Tuna for Android | Download Guitar Tuna for iOS


Music Transcription Apps


We believe that this is the #1 App for musicians. Moises allows you to isolate or remove vocals, drums, bass, guitar, piano and more from any song and play and sing with your favorite artists in any key, at any speed. This app allows you to listen carefully to specific arrangement parts that are often clouded in the mix. This element is fundamental when learning new songs by ear or if you’re into transcribing music. Some of its unique features are: AI Audio Separation, Smart Metronome, Chord Detection and Audio Speed Changer. Moises is the one and only music transcription app you will ever need!

Download Moises for Android | Download Moises for iOS


We hope this article was helpful for you and your band! What other apps have you been using? Which of do you think is the best apps for musicians in 2023? Please let us know in the comments, we’d love to learn about more great apps! Happy music making!

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Joe has been singing since he can remember and started playing guitar when he was 10. He's been using it as a songwriting tool ever since. He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. Check out his alternative / indie projects Best of Feelings and Zef Raček.


    Best app for band is “Bandhelper” from Arlo Leach ! Both rehearsals and live gigs can be managed for the setlist, financials, contacts, schedules, midi’s etc. Try it !

    Definitely +1 for BandHelper, is a brilliant app

    Bit new to the guitar but interested to know everything about making music etc, know quite a lot about musical theory, scales chords etc.

    Are there any apps that allow you to play music remotely with bandmates? Like a videoconference, but without noticeable latency?

    We use the “Band Setlist Manager” for our band. It’s a really cool looking App that allows us to remotely work together on our songs and setlist. I think they have a version for Android and IOS.

    It can link multiple devices and put them in several stage modes. Our singer controls the set with a lyric view and we have one tablet setup as a center stage monitor displaying the current and upcoming song.

    I can definitely recommend to check out Band Setlist Manager.

    We use to create sheet music from our own cover songs.
    Needs a bit of rework in MuseScore, but still works like a charm.

    Hey Joe, I realize I’m a bit late reading this article, but I think there was a typo in this “GarageBand” section where you write. “In the meantime, there are versions for Windows and Android as well as for iOS.” I got all excited until I went to Google Play to download it for Android and couldn’t find it.

    Great list! I would add Clipza Video Capture. Clipza is a camera app that lets you swipe left to instantly replay the last 30 seconds, or tap to save the last 30 seconds. You can set the clips for 15, 30, 60 and 90 second lengths of capturing the past. It’s great for checking how you are doing in the practice room without hitting the start button and posting highlights of gigs to social when you did something great. IOS.

    Hi guys, I wanted an App that would prompt me with lyrics/chords while playing a backing track so that I could play &sign along without worrying. I couldn’t find what I wanted so I ended up creating an App called GigaPrompt which is now available on the Apple App Store. See this link for an overview on how it works.
    There are also some very cool “Pro” features such as SIRI auto-generated lyrics and AirPrompting to other band members.

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