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Le Fantastiche Guide Online di Thomann: Brass Mutes

3. Cup mutes

Used widely in jazz and big-band music, cup mutes are similar to straight mutes, but have an added ‘cup’ at the end which reflects the sound back into the bell of the instrument, producing a softer tone with reduced high and low frequencies. Many cup mutes have adjustable cup sections, allowing the player to slightly vary the sound. Some combination straight/cup mutes are also available. These mutes are available for both trumpet and trombone, and again may be made from metal, plastic or plaster. As with straight mutes, metallic versions produce a brighter
TimbreThe subjective quality of a sound, determined by many factors including harmonic content, transients and envelope.

Cup mute

Denis Wick Trumpet Cup
DampTo reduce vibrations - in music this usually refers to the technique of reducing an instrument's vibrations and overtones by touching it in some way, to shorten the length of the note and deaden the timbre of the sound. For example, a percussionist may place the palm of his hand on the skin of a kettle drum, or a guitarist might use the wrist of his plectrum hand to rest against the strings. Also used to describe the effects of acoustic treatment.

Sound Samples

Trumpet sound without mute

Trumpet sound without mute

Trumpet sound with Cup Mute

Straigt Mute