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Effects and Signal Processors

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Within the past six weeks we've added 11 new products in Effects and Signal Processors.

This page shows an overview of all new additions to this product group.

All New Arrivals, Sorted by Product Group

  • Compressors, Gates and De-esser

    • Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor 19" MP

      Chandler Limited Germanium compressor Matched Pair, 2x Mono compressor with FET transistors for compression, wet/dry control to mix effect with original signal, comp curve switch to select different kinds of diode matrix, gain and feedback adjustment...

      3.980 €
      medium-term availability (about 1–2 weeks)

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  • 500 Series Components

    • Chandler Limited TG2 500 Preamp

      Chandler Limited TG2 500 Preamp, 1-Channel Mic-Preamp, Total Gain: +60db, Circuit: Discrete, Transistor, Transformer Balanced I/O, Mic/Line Input switchable, Input Impedance switchable: 1200/300 Ohms, +48v Phantom Power switchable, Phase switchable,...

      1.306 €
      1.090 €
      Available immediately

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    • IGS Audio S-Type 500

      IGS Audio S-Type 500, Stereo Mix Bus VCA Compressor, 500 Series Module, Parallel Compression, Sidechain Filter: OFF, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240 Hz, +4dB Operating Level, max. +21dBU Output, max, 20dB Gain, max. 20dB Gain Reduction, Noise level dBA:...

      689 €
      Available immediately

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    • IGS Audio One LA 500

      IGS Audio One LA 500, Opto Compressor/Limiter 500 Series Module, VU Meter, Limiter/Compressor Mode, Gain - Output Level, Peak Reduction, In/Bypass, +4dB Operating Level, Original Teletronix '68 Audio Path, Input: JJ 12AX7 Tube, Output: JJ 12AU7 Tube,...

      899 €
      Available immediately

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    • IGS Audio Tube Core 500

      IGS Audio Tube Core 500, Tube Vari Mu Compressor, 500er Series, fully symmetric design - from Input to Output, VU Meter, Frequency response +/-0.2dB: 20Hz-20KHz, Release: 0.1s - 4s, Attack: 10 - 300 ms, max. Gain: 35dB, Input: Carnhill Transformer,...

      989 €
      Available immediately

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    • IGS Audio Rubber Bands 500

      IGS Audio Rubber Bands 500, Passive Equalizer, 500 Series Module, Carnhill Transformers on Inputs ans Outputs, Potentiometers for HC (High Cut), HB (High Boost), Q, BC (Bass Cut), BB (Bass Boost), Swichtes for: HC: 6, 10, 20 kHz; HB: 5, 6, 10, 12, 16...

      799 €
      Available immediately

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    • Lindell Audio Channel X

      Lindell Audio Channel X, pre configured series 500 system, set includes the following Lindell Audio products: 503 Power, 6X-500 Mic-Pre, 7X-500 Compressor und PEX-500 Equalizer

      875 €
      Available immediately

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  • Accessories for Signal Processing

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