Thomann Summer Games – Terms & Conditions

Note: Participation in an online contest and the chance to win is detached and independent of an order at Thomann GmbH! This raffle is not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook and is not sponsored or organised by them in any way.

Participation in online raffles on the Thomann blog, on the Facebook and Instagram pages as well as other media of Thomann and their implementation are governed by the following provisions:

§ 1 Contest

The organiser is:

Thomann GmbH
Hans-Thomann-Str. 1
96138 Burgebrach
VAT Nr.: DE257375233
Tax Number (DE): 207/132/90050
Registry Court: Amtsgericht Bamberg
Registry Number: HRB 5862
Location of registration: Burgebrach
Representing chief executive: Hans Thomann

§ 2 Participation

(1) Only persons of full age are entitled to participate. Anyone who wishes to enter the competition will only take part in the competition within the respective competition period and will therefore only be entitled to the prize if the entry has been submitted within this period.

(2) In order to take part in this competition, vote for your favourite competitor in a comment below the respective video (one of the four videos we publish as part of the Thomann Summer Games campaign) on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You also need to subscribe to the Thomann Music channel, like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram (or all three). Only comments on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are eligible. By posting the competition entry, the participant agrees to these conditions of participation. Only one competition entry may be submitted per participant, per video, per social media platform (maximum of 3 chances per video, spread over the three platforms aforementioned). The participant is responsible for replying after being contacted by Thomann, through the YouTube, Facebook or Instagram comments.

A Thomann-Jury will draw correctly-posted winners at random.

The prize is a Thomann voucher for 50 euros.

(3) The winners will be announced shortly after the respective submission deadlines for each video. The deadlines are as follows:

03.08 at 16:00: PA // Deadline: 10.08 at 16:00
04.08. at 16:00: Drums // Deadline: 11.08 at 16:00
05.08 at 16:00: Guitar // Deadline: 12.08 at 16:00
06.08 at 16:00: Singing // Deadline: 13.08 at 16:00

§ 3 Contest exclusion

(1) Employees of Thomann GmbH, affiliated cooperating partner as well as their relatives (e.g. parents, siblings or spouses) are excluded from participation.

(2) In case of violation of these terms and conditions, especially by the usage of prohibited technologies or other manipulation, the organiser preserves the right to exclude persons from the contest. Under these or other violations prizes can be retroactively revoked and reclaimed.

§ 4 Execution and processing

(1) The winner of the prize will be contacted by the organiser via the medium with which he/she published his/her entry, in this case YouTube (via pinned comment, at the top of the comments section). Winner will be notified and may be published on the Thomann International Facebook page ( and on the (, stating your first name, surname and place of residence. The winners expressly agree to this form of publication. The winners will confirm to the organiser that they accept the prize and provide the information necessary for the transfer of the prize.

The claim to the prize lapses if the award or transmission of the prize cannot take place. This applies in particular if a winner does not confirm acceptance of the prize in due time. In this case the organiser reserves the right to determine a new winner by draw.

(2) The prizes will be sent by the organiser or a third party commissioned by him to the email address specified by the winner.

(4) An exchange of the winnings, a cash payment, or a possible compensation is excluded.

(5) The claim to the prize or compensation cannot be assigned to third parties.

§ 5 Privacy

(1) The participant agrees, that the organiser will store all information required for the conduct of the contest for the duration of the contest. The organiser has partially authorised third parties (“cooperation partners”) to perform services necessary to execute and successfully conclude the contest. Provided information of the participants will be stored by those cooperation partners only for the duration of the contest. All provided data will be permanently erased after conducting and the finalisation of the contest.

By participating in this contest, the participant agrees that provided data will be processed by third parties and in particular that the organiser will provide said data to third parties.

The participants can revoke their agreement to the processing of their data at any time. Given that case, it might be necessary to exclude the participants from the contest. Furthermore, participants are entitled to all rights provided by the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz in terms of disclosure and correction in respect to their provided data.

All the aforementioned rights can be received and perused by sending a written message to the this postal address:

Thomann GmbH
z. Hd. des Datenschutzbeauftragten
Hans-Thomann-Str. 1
96138 Burgebrach

or alternatively they can be requested and received via email: []

(2) The organiser is obligated to protect the participants privacy and guarantees to process the data according to the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, the Telemediengesetz as well as the Europäischen Datenschutzrichtlinie (95/46/EG) and the EU Datenschutzrichtlinie für elektronische Kommunikation 02/58/EG.

In this regard we also refer to our general privacy regulations which can be found at:

§ 6 Liability

(1)  Thomann GmbH will be freed of any and all obligations after delivery of the prize.

(2)  Thomann GmbH is not liable for bankruptcy of a cooperating partner or consequences following a bankruptcy or for these occurrences interfering with the conduct of the contest.

§ 7 Other

(1) Redress by way of the courts is precluded

(2) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is the only law that is applicable with the exception of any regulations of international private law that must be followed.