Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses: 12 Fun Facts

Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses: 12 Fun Facts

Not least because of his huge vocal range, he is one of the most ingenious rock singers of the past decades: Axl Rose. As the “front diva” of the Guns N’ Roses, he wrote music history. On February 6, 2022, Axl Rose turns 60 years old. We congratulate him and have compiled some remarkable stories from his eventful life. 🔫🌹

1. Kept afloat with odd jobs

Up until his breakthrough with Guns N’ Roses, Axl kept his head above water with some odd jobs. One of the most paradoxical: he took part in a medical study at UCLA, California. He smoked cigarettes for eight dollars an hour. It is obvious that this was a comfortable job for him. He would’ve smoked even without a fee. But he persevered and the legendary career was to take its course.

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2. Hitchhiked to the gig for 40 hours

The year is 1985; The Gun N’ Roses are on their way to San Francisco in their band van and trailer. Gigs are planned in Portland and Sacramento, then in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the vehicle had other plans and gave up on Interstate 5. The result: The band members were hitchhiking for 40 hours and couldn’t play the planned shows at the intermediate stations. When they arrived in Frisco, they only had their instruments with them. They had to borrow the rest.

3. Incredible records

In their prime, they set record after record. “Appetite for Destruction” became the most successful debut work by a band in US history. As the Guns N’ Roses debut album in 1987, it sold a staggering 18 million copies and stayed on the Billboard charts for an incredible 147 weeks. A total of seven singles were released from it.

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4. The only band from the ’80s with 2 albums in the charts

The hunt for records continued: in 1988, about two years after the band was founded, they had two albums in the US charts. “Appetite for Destruction” and “GN’R Lies”. No other band achieved this double album placement in the ’80s. The scandalous rockers, around frontman Axl Rose, were only really getting going. The US hard rock band celebrated their greatest successes between 1987 and 1993 and sold around 100 million albums.

5. Accidentally wrote a mega hit

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” became one of the Guns N’ Roses’ mega hits. It came about by chance, so to speak. Slash had only strummed along a bit before the rest of the band joined in and Axl Rose – sitting in another room – wrote the lyrics within a day. In 2019, the song hit a milestone and racked up 1 billion views on YouTube.

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6. Inimitable vocal range – pure vocal artistry

Probably everyone among us has the dizzying vocal parts of Axl Rose in our ears, and not just in this song. And the voice is unique in the truest sense of the word. A scientific study has shown that he has the largest vocal range of all popular singers across all genres. The range of his vocal cords even surpasses that of Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. Hell yeah! 😱

7. Compare him with Bon Jovi… if you dare

Axl was well known for having a short temper and the bad boy was known for his occasional loss of control. In December 1987, a comment from a Chicago fan that he looked a bit like Bon Jovi was enough for Axl to slap him squarely in the face.

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8. No Scandals, no Guns N’ Roses

And it should not remain the last tangible argument. Axl probably caused the most serious incident in 1991 at the Riverport Amphitheater. He was annoyed by a photographing fan, jumped into the crowd and snatched the camera from his hand. He then slammed the microphone onto the stage and ended the concert, which had lasted only a few minutes. The angry fans acknowledged this with riots, which resulted in a number of injuries and high property damage. Axl Rose had to answer in court for this, and they finally settled out of court for a payment of over $2 million! In the end, the fan even got an autograph.

9. Axl Rose: unpredictable bad boy 

An end to his aggressive tantrums was not in sight for a long time. For example, he was arrested in Stockholm in 2006 for biting a security guard on the leg! Then, in 2012, at a private concert in Paris at the Bercy stadium, he freaked out after $200,000 worth of necklaces were stolen from him. The police officers had great difficulty in restraining him. He eventually got the jewelry back. A lady had pocketed the jewels at the after-show party…

10. Slash and Axl Rose fight

A decade of radio silence: As the icons of the band, the egocentric frontman Axl Rose and exceptional guitarist Slash have rocked the stages of the world. In 1996 the two broke up. They didn’t speak to each other for almost ten years. There were various disputes in court. Slash is said to have turned down a fee of around 85 million euros for a comeback tour. The reason: he didn’t want to be on stage with Axl again.

11. The new and improved (even punctual) Axl Rose

In 2016, AC/DC singer Brian Johnson was forced to abandon the Rock Or Bust World Tour because he was at risk of losing his hearing completely. He was replaced for ten concerts by Axl Rose. Because of a foot operation, he even had to perform sitting down with a plaster cast. In fact, he seemed to have undergone a real transformation. The formerly unreliable man was suddenly known to his colleagues for his punctuality and perfect preparation.

12. According to fake news, Axl has already died

As early as December 2014, a message circulated on the web that Axl had died at the age of 52. He was reportedly found dead in his West Hollywood apartment. An outcry went through the public. However, the message was quickly identified as a fake. Axl responded on social media by asking, “If I’m dead, do I still have to pay taxes?” Rock on Axl!

What is your favorite Guns N’ Roses song? Tell us in a comment below? We look forward to receiving your feedback! 👇

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