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the t.bone IEM 75R Bodypack Receiver the t.bone IEM 75R, Bodypack-Receiver IEM 75 R incl. T.Bone EP3 earphones, frequencyrange 863 - 865 MHz, works with 2x AA Batteries
info  55 € on request
AKG SRA 2W AKG SRA 2W, passive wiedeband directional antenna, water-resistant, LED, BNC plug, 3/8" connector for microphone stands. Frequency: 500 - 865 MHz
info  299 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Shure MX 690 P4 Shure MX 690 P4, wireless boundary micorphone for Shure SLX Series, condenser capsule, frequency management by Infrared, pragrammable Mute-switch, works with 2x AA-batteries, Logik-function with SLX4L, frequency range P4 702 - 726 MHz
info  568 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Sennheiser SKM 300-865 G3 / G-Band Sennheiser SKM 300-865 G3 / G-Band, handheld transmitter for EW 300 G3 series with MME 865 capsule. Powered via 2x 1.5V AA batteries, frequency range: G-Band 566 - 608 MHz
info  489 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Shure GLXD4 Shure GLXD4, digital 2,4 GHz Wireless-receiver, automatic frequency setup, pilottone, antenna-Diversity, display of battery life in hours and minutes, remoteable transmitter-Gain, internal battery charger, XLR- and Jack outputs, LC Display
info  254 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Shure GLXD6 Shure GLXD6, digital 2,4 GHz pedalboard receiver, up to 8 Systems parallel, automatic frequency setup, pilottone,antenna-Diversity, internal guitar tuner
info  254 € medium-term availability (about 1–2 weeks)
Samson GC32 Samson GC32, cable for Samson Concert 77 Wireless-Systems, 6,3mm sraight jack > 3 Pol TQG
info  14,60 € Available immediately
Shure P2T PSM-200 S5 Shure P2T PSM-200 S5, In-Ear UHF-Transmitter, 8ch., limiter, antenna and connectors in the front, 9,5", input level LED, XLR/Jack In, XLR Thru, incl. 19" Rackmounts, frequencyrange S5 855.275 - 864.850 MHz
info  342 € medium-term availability (about 1–2 weeks)

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