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Wanted: Progressive Metal Band Winter Crescent looking for a singer. Please visit the youtube link for the audition song k We are looking for a singer!!!!Someone who can compose vocal melodies and write Lyrics. This is an international research...This is a rough mix of 1 of the songs that we want you to sing along with your lyrics. OUR YOUTUBE INBOX IS JAMMED so if you want to contact us please email us in this address : All takes will be listened carefully. Good Audio Quality would be preferred in order to be able to hear your voice better. To send your take you can 1.send an mp3 to our email address 2. upload a youtube video and send us the link to our email
Thanos Sgouridis from GR-71305 Heraclion/Crete/Greece at 30.09.2014, time: 18:41 Contact advertiser

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