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Instrument Cables

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the sssnake TMI 6 PP Vintage Red the sssnake TMI 6 PP Vintage jack - jack guitar/bass cable, textile Coated, silver metall jack plugs, 6 meter, red
info  7,90 € Available immediately
Cordial CSI 3 PR-175 Cordial CSI 3 PR-175 high end instrument cable - Jack/angle Jack, Neutrik connectors, very low capacitance. Length: 300cm. Colour: Black
info  18,70 € Available immediately
Fender Custom Shop Cable BKTW 5,5m Fender Custom Shop Cable BKTW 5,5m, instrument cable, 8mm PVC cover, 95% copper shield, jack-jack, 10FT, 5,5m, color: black tweed
info  16,90 € Available immediately
Cordial CCFI 0,3 PP Cordial CCFI 0.3 PP - professional jack to jack instrument cable with gold plated Rean connectors. Colour: Black. Cable length: 0.3m.
info  3,77 € Available immediately
Cordial CFI 0,3 RR Cordial CFI 0.3 RR professional instrument cable - rectangular mono plug to rectangular mono plug, 1x 0.22mm? Neutrik/Rean plug (REAN is a registerd trademark of Neutrik AG). Cable length: 0.3mtrs.
info  2,90 € Available immediately
Fender Custom Shop Angle Cable TW5,5m Fender Custom Shop Angle cable TW 5,5m, instrument cable, 8mm PVC cover, 95% copper shield, jack (straight) -jack (angle), 10FT, 5,5m, color: tweed
info  14,80 € Available immediately
Cordial CSI-9-RP-Silent Cordial CSI-9-RP-Silent - top performance mono guitar cable with one angled silent plug and one straight plug, CGK 175 cable with Neutrik gold plated connectors. Cable length: 9mtrs. Colour: Black.
info  38 € Available immediately
Cordial CAI 5 BK Cordial CAI 5 black, professional instrument cable - original Neutrik NP 2 X-BAG jack plugs. CIK 122 Black cable, Length: 5m. Colour: Black. Includes Thomann Velcro cable tie - special Musikhaus Thomann 50th anniversary edition
info  11 € Available immediately
Cordial CRI 6 PP Cordial CRI 6 PP, Road Line High End Instr.-cable, CGK Road 75 cable, Klinke/Klinke, metall plugs with golden connections, length 6 Meter, colour black
info  35 € Available immediately
Gibson Instrument Cable Purple 4,5m Gibson Instrument Cable Purple, 4,5 m (18") instrument cable, 24K gold over nickel plugs, one aluminum connector and one wood connector (walnut) with a silent plug (prevents amplifier noise when unplugging the instrument)
info  58 € Available immediately
Planet Waves PW-CGTP-305 Planet Waves PW-CGTP-305 3-Pack - angled jack patch cables, length: 15cm, color: black
info  11,70 € Available immediately
Planet Waves PW-PRA-205 Planet Waves PW-PRA-205 15cm Patch Cable - 1 pack (2 pieces), right-angled jack plugs, 24 carat gold coating, premium quality, changeable colour-coding system.
info  22,70 € Available immediately
Cordial CSI-6-RP-Silent Cordial CSI-6-RP-Silent guitar cable - one angled silent-plug and one straight plug with gold plated Neutrik connectors. CGK 175 cable. Cable length: 6mtrs. Colour: Black.
info  33 € Available immediately
pro snake TPI 6 Pro Snake TPI 6 - professional instrument cable, 6m, black Neutrik REAN jack connectors, includes cable tie. Colour: Black
info  7,90 € Available immediately
Cordial CTI 9 PP-RD Cordial CTI 9 PP-RD - instrument cable with Neutrik connectors. Length: 900cm. Colour: Red
info  15,90 € Available immediately
Planet Waves PW-GRA-20 Planet Waves PW-GRA-20 straight jack to angled jack instrument cable with 24K gold-plated connectors and Cable length: 6m
info  22,70 € Available immediately
Cordial CTI 6 PP-BL Cordial CTI 6 PP-BL - professional instrument cable, jack to jack, Neutrik connectors. Length: 6m. Colour: Blue
info  13,60 € Available immediately
Fender Performance Angle Cable 3m Fender Performance Angle Cable 3m, instrument cable, 8mm PVC cover, 90% copper shield, jack (straight) -jack (angle), 10FT, 3m, color: black
info  7,50 € Available immediately
Sommer Cable Spirit Instrument 10,0 Angle Sommer Cable THE SPIRIT 10,0: high-end instrument cable; 1x 0,50 mm˛; 3 shields; with Amphenol plugs 1/4" Jack - 1/4" Jack Angle; 10 meter
info  27 € Available immediately
Cordial CTI 6 PP GN Cordial CTI 6 PP-GN - professional instrument cable with Neutrik jack connectors. Length: 6m. Colour: Green
info  13,60 € Available immediately
Cordial CFI 0,6 RR Cordial CFI 0.6 RR - professional instrument cable with Neutrik/Rean jack connectors (Rean is a registered trademark of Neutrik AG). 1x 0.22mm˛. Cable length: 0.6m.
info  2,99 € Available immediately
Cordial CSI-3-RP-Silent Cordial CSI-3-RP-Silent - guitar cable with one angled silent connector and one straight mono connector, gold plated Neutrik connectors, CGK 175 cable. Length: 3m. Colour: Black
info  27 € Available immediately
Planet Waves PW-GRA-10 Planet Waves PW-GRA-10 - premium instrument cable with 24K gold plated connectors, straight jack to angled jack, cable length: 3m
info  16,70 € Available immediately
Planet Waves PW-G-05 Planet Waves PW-G-05 Cable, length 1,5m - 2x straight jack plugs, 24 carat gold plating, premium quality
info  14,60 € Available immediately
Sommer Cable The Spirit XXL INS. 6 Silent Sommer Cable The Spirit XXL 6.0 SILENT- high-end instrument cable with Neutrik NP2C-BAG and NP2C-AU SILENT jack plugs. 1x 0.75mm˛. Cable length: 6mtrs.
info  33 € Available immediately
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