Terms & Conditions – Halloween Contest 2020

Note: Participation in an online competition or the chance to win is separate and independent of an order for goods from Thomann GmbH! This competition is not affiliated with Instagram, YouTube or Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

Participation in competitions and contests on the Musikhaus Thomann website (www.thomann.de) and their implementation are based on the following provisions:

§ 1 competition

This contest is organized by Thomann GmbH, managing director: Hans-Thomann-Str. 1, 96138 Burgebrach, Germany (“Organizer”).

§2 participation

1) Persons aged 18 and over are eligible to participate.
2) To take part in this competition, users post the three correct keywords hidden in the video that make up a complete sentence in a comment on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook under the Thomann Halloween competition video. You must also subscribe to the Thomann Music YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram pages (the social media page on which comments were made).

Comments in the t.blog or elsewhere do not apply, only comments on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are taken into account in the selection. By submitting a comment below the video, the participant agrees to these conditions of participation. Each participant may submit one competition entry per social media platform. It is thus possible for her/him to post on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube at the same time, which even increases her/his chances of winning (maximum one chance per video per platform). The winner is responsible for responding after being contacted by Thomann via the respective platform in order to receive their prize.

A Thomann employee will randomly draw the winner from all correctly submitted answers in the comments (and within the correct time frame). The prize is a Thomann voucher for 100 euros.

3) Entry deadline: November 1st, 2020 at 11:59:59 p.m. This deadline applies to all platforms. Comments submitted after this deadline are excluded from the competition.

§3 Exclusion from the competition

1) Employees of Thomann GmbH, their cooperation partners and their relatives (e.g. parents, siblings, partners, spouses) are excluded from participation.
2) In the event of a violation of these conditions of participation, in particular through the use of unauthorized aids and other manipulations, the organizer reserves the right to exclude people from the contest. If necessary, winnings can be withdrawn and reclaimed retrospectively in the event of such violations.

3) Entry deadline: November 1st, 2020 at 11:59:59 p.m. This deadline applies to all platforms. Comments submitted after this deadline are excluded from the competition.

§4 implementation and processing

(1) The winner of the prize will be contacted by the organizer via the medium through which s/he published her/his entry fee. In this case, it’s either YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. The winner will be notified and can be published on the Thomann Facebook pages and in the t.blog stating their first name, family name and place of residence. The winner expressly agrees to this form of publication. The winners will confirm to the Promoter that they will accept the prize and provide the information necessary for the prize to be transferred.

The entitlement to the prize expires if the award or transmission of the prize cannot take place. This applies in particular if a winner does not confirm acceptance of the prize in good time. In this case the organizer reserves the right to determine a new winner by drawing lots.

(2) The prizes will be sent by the organizer or a third party commissioned by the organizer to the email address given by the winner.

(4) An exchange of the prizes, a cash payment or a possible compensation is excluded.

(5) The claim to the prize or the compensation cannot be assigned to third parties.

§5 prize

1) The prize is a Thomann voucher worth 100 euros per winner (per platform).

2) An exchange of the prizes or a possible replacement of prizes is excluded. The claim to the profit or the replacement of the profit cannot be assigned to third parties.

§6 advertising

The participants of this contest agree that there will be no financial or other claims against Thomann and the other organizers through dissemination via the Internet and other media. In addition, all participants in the competition agree that the organizers may use their competition entries for advertising and promotional purposes, including (but not limited to) radio and television broadcasting, promotional and public purposes.
The winners of this competition agree that their names (including any artist names) and, where applicable, photographs and film recordings may be used for promotional purposes relating to this competition, including publication in print and on the Internet.

§7 data protection

1) The participant agrees that the organizer will store all data required to carry out the competition for the duration of the competition. The organizer has partially transferred services that are necessary for the implementation and processing of the contest to third parties (“cooperation partners”). The data of the participants will be stored by the cooperation partner(s) for the implementation and processing of the competition for the duration of the competition. All data will be deleted after the end of the contest and processing.
2) By participating in this contest, the participants agree that their data may be processed by third parties for the purposes mentioned, in particular transmitted by the organizer to third parties.
3) The participants can revoke the consent given to the processing of their data at any time. The revocation must be made in writing to social@thomann.de. In this case, however, the organizer may have to exclude them from further participation. Furthermore, you have the rights to information and correction guaranteed by the Federal Data Protection Act with regard to the data collected.

§8 liability

1) The two organizers are released from all obligations with the handover of the prize.

§9 miscellaneous

1) The judges’ decision is final.

2) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is exclusively applicable to the exclusion of the referral provisions of international private law.