Vovox sonorus direct S100 TRS/TRS



  • Symmetrical
  • Not shielded
  • Stereo jack on stereo jack
Length 1 m
Tillgänglig sedan Augusti 2011
Artikelnummer 263399
719 kr
inklusive moms, 99 kr frakt tillkommer

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Vovox sonorus direct S100 TRS/TRS
Adone 07.03.2018
As always with Vovox 'you pays the price', you get the quality you require.
Nothing much more to say than, if working with high end gear such as the U87 or AKG 414 mics ( a Brauner VM1 is on my list) into Neve 1073 and Urei 1176, it is essential in my opinion that there is NO compromise with leads, plugs and connections. These are the Bee's Knees or the Dog's Bo**ox allowing us to completely worry about something else in the vocal chain, as one does : ) They provide the best screening, are flexible enough and of course refreshingly great to behold if at all visible. No risk of damage through kinking either. Super clean signal being of course the real reason for these pricey but high performing cables.
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