Vovox link protect S200 TRS/XLRf


Audio Cable

  • Jack 6.3 mm to XLR female connector
  • Length 2 m
  • Balanced cable (shielded)
  • Quality cable with exceptional sonic characteristics
  • Clean, defined and detailed signal transmission through special construction
  • For all applications, where protection against splitting is the first priority
  • 3-wire (separate ground conductor)
  • Double polymer coating
  • Neutrik plug with gold contacts
Length 2 m
Tillgänglig sedan Augusti 2006
Artikelnummer 191624
918 kr
inklusive moms, 99 kr frakt tillkommer

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my experience
sadthoguah 26.12.2018
my experience.. well no cable can do magic, even at a price of almost 100 euros at 2 meters length. doing magic is priceless but a cable this expensive can do a lot more than cheap ones. my shielding is ok now. the fact that my shielding is still "ok" not "perfect" is caused by a lot of cables and devices going on and running through my hs. and its not only my instruments and electronical equipment but also my computers. I got many cables installed for my main computer because I got many harddrives, many fans to keep cool at high performance loads and on. so the sum of all my cables is hardcore and I dont have the motivation to count them (even if the result would be very interesting) but yah, like I said too hardcore.

so anyways. those high end cables of vovox minimize the disturbances in my signal path to a minimum and the material of the housing is super solid. but not only that I also got more width in my signal.

the thing is I dont have money like dust building up in my room so I got to decide where to use the vovox link protect cable. to make sense out of it I choose the part of my hs where I got the most interference and disturbance potential.
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