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Vovox link direct S100 TRS/XLRm


Audio Cable

  • Jack/XLRm
  • Length: 1 m
  • Balanced cable (unshielded)
  • Highest quality cable with extraordinary sound qualities
  • Clean, defined and detailed signal transmission thanks to special construction
  • 3 Wires (separate ground wire)
  • Double polymer coating
  • Neutrik connectors with gold contacts
Length 1 m
Tillgänglig sedan Juli 2006
Artikelnummer 191615
611 kr
inklusive moms, 99 kr frakt tillkommer

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Leverans beräknas mellan Torsdag, 9.12. och Fredag, 10.12.
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A great cable.
Kevin9727 02.04.2015
Not the cheapest cable, but definitely one of the best.

Cables like strings are often the part of the signal chain where people scrimp, and try to save money. It amazes me that people will spend thousands of pounds on an instrument, be it a bass or a guitar, they'll then spend hundreds of pounds more on an amplifier and effects pedals, then connect the whole thing together using the cheapest possible cables. Cables that often fail at the most annoying and inconvenient time possible.

These cables by Volvox are designed and built to last. I've been using mine for 7 years now, and it is still going strong, and shows no signs at all of failing.

Highly recommended.
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