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Sommer Cable SC Stage 22 Highflex SW


Professional Microphone Cable

  • Inner conductor: 2 x 0.22 mm²
  • Sheath diameter: 6.5 mm
  • Weight/metre: 65 g
  • Shielded
  • Conductor resistance: < 87 Ohm / km
  • Shield resistance: < 30 Ohm / km
  • Insulation resistance: > 1 GOhm / km
  • Impedance: Approx. 100 Ohm
  • Colour: Black
  • Price is per metre
Colour Black
Diameter 0,22 mm²
Tillgänglig sedan November 2007
Artikelnummer 138114
9,90 kr
inklusive moms, 99 kr frakt tillkommer
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9,90 kr 1
9,39 kr 5,2% 50
8,59 kr 13,2% 100

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Underbar att jobba med.
JerryE 29.03.2015
Underbart mjuk och skön kabel att jobba med, klart en favorit framöver! Det känns som en kabel att kunna lita på.
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Anmäl recension

Typical German mic cable
mansaxel 09.09.2020
A very thick outer sheath over two substantial inner conductors and a Reussen(?) wound screen. Textile filler.
Solders easily, won't melt. Very flexible on stage.
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Anmäl recension

Strålande kabel
bjoron 18.02.2021
Fin kabel som funkat jättebra för mig. Finns i flertalet färger också.
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Anmäl recension

google translate gb
Tyvärr uppstod ett fel. försök igen senare.
Great for the money and sounds amazing
Anonym 22.06.2016
This is the second time i have purchased this cable because it is fantastic.

I have recently bought a 100 meter loom of the stuff and it is fantastic. It sounds great and feels good in the hands and doesn't kink up.

I believe you can get this in a Highflex finish as well which i have tried and this is brilliant too. Tonally i can't tell a difference between the two, just a slight difference in the feel when you coil them!

The stage cable is durable and well built and can suit loads of applications. I have used mine in the studio on several projects using a variety of dynamic and condensor microphones. I have also used these cables for a whole pa with dual eqs, a sub, two QSC 12 speakers and several microphones for vocals and drums and it worked a charm.

This stuff is easy to coil and doesn't kink up too badly when your band mates try to help you pack away and do it wrong. I think the Highflex stuff may be a bit better but there is a slight price difference, if you are on a budget then this stuff is great!

I believe it is on par with the Van damme stuff which is over twice the price of this cable.

Combine this with Neutrik gold plated ends. I know these are some of the most expensive ends you can buy but its rare the actual ends break! When your cables get worn out you can just cut the ends off and re-solder them onto some new cable. This works out a lot cheaper in the long run.

Good sound
Very affordable
Will teach you soldering skills
Look great in black
On par with the Van Damme stuff

Highflex may be better feel wise and may be more durable but is more epxnsive

If this is your first time making cables then get this stuff!
Its great.
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Anmäl recension

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