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Pro Mark R5BAG 5B Rebound Active Grip


Drum Sticks

  • Select Balance Series
  • Hickory wood
  • Acorn-shaped wood tip
  • Diameter: 15.11 mm
  • With ActiveGrip, a warming effect is activated by increasing body temperature, which makes the stick more grippy
  • With the new Select Balance Series from ProMark, drummers have the opportunity to choose the appropriate balance of their playing style and technique: Rebound Balance Sticks have a shoulder length of 3 inches (7.6 cm). This makes the center of gravity closer to the rear end of the stick, which creates more rebound
Material Hickory
With Nylon Head No
Tip Acorn Shaped
Length in mm 406 mm
Handle Diameter in mm 15,1 mm
Weight in g 60,5 g
Artikelnummer 388429
139 kr
inklusive moms, 99 kr frakt tillkommer

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A recommendable pair to have!
Canis rufus 24.12.2018
I initially got these sticks primarily for their colour, not knowing about the active grip technology back then. What I eventually got was a wonderful pair of drumsticks.

1. The ActiveGrip: with prolonged playing and sweaty hands, I found that the sticks did not slip out of hands. The ActiveGrip technology actually works.
2. Thickness: I have bigger-than-usual hands, hence I usually go for thick 5B sticks. These sticks are not the thickest 5Bs out there, but, combined with ActiveGrip, I found the handling & playing quite smooth and the thickness very comfortable.
3. Tip: the acorn shape gives a good sound on the drums with a nice-sounding punch and attack.
4. Colour: maybe it does not matter to you, but the black-with-golden-yellow colour looks eye-catching.
5. Price: despite the technical upheaval, the sticks are not absurdly priced.

1. Thin shoulder: to get the rebound, the shoulders/sleeves are deliberately kept thin, which makes playing hi-hats with the sleeve a little difficult.
2. Wear-off: after continuous usage, the stick starts wearing off, taking away with it the black coat. The stick then does not as glamorous as it was initially.

I now have a pair of these every time in my stick bag. Would recommend to try out at least once!
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Great drumsticks. Feel natural and with a nice grip
sepinto 31.12.2020
I used this on an electronic drum. They feel quick good, with a nice rebound and a really good grip. I used them once on an acoustic drum set and the ink came out quickly by hitting the ride and the crash.
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Mark6803 14.04.2017
Active grip is great and really works. My only small critique is that tje ag coating should be more durable.
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