Peavey Sanpera 1

Foot Switch

  • Suitable for all Peavey Vypyr combos (except Vypyr 15)
  • 4 Push buttons with LED
  • Tap tempo
  • 1 Volume/Wah/Pitch Shifter expression pedal
  • Control of the looper
  • Bank selection option
  • Solid metal housing
  • Power supply via MIDI
  • Including approx. 3 m connection cable

Vidare information

LED Display Yes
Amount Of Switches 4
Number Of Pedals 1

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Love the Vypyr but would want more quality on the pedals.

PurplePuchini, 01.06.2017
A pedal is a must for the Vypyr series, i have a Vypyr 120w myself and uses the Sanpera 1 for it. However the pedals, or at least the Sanpera 1 is functional but low quality. It's wonky, the "Wha"/Sound pedal is practically unusable, and kinda ugly really (was silver when i bought it 2011).

However, i still use it. It is really a must to have a controllpedal for the vypyr series. For patches, looping and overall kontroll och the amp with out back problems. I have seen people use other types of pedals but i have myself never tested, would recommend to check it out.

The pedal still works after 6 years but i really don't find it to be worth that type of money. The effects comes from the amp and the "wha"/sound pedal is as i said crap. Poor fit for a good amp.
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A must have for Vypyr 1 owners

groove76, 04.06.2018
I purchased this foot switch because after buying the Vypyr VIP 1 I had confirmation that, as with any amplifier, a foot switch is necessary to move between the different channels and doing things manually isn't that great!

In the Vypyr, for guitar, you have 3 different banks and you can define 4 presets each. With the Sanpera 1 you can access all the 12 presets (3*4) , so you only have to remember what each present includes (distortion / lead / clean / crunch channel and effects).
This allows you to build your 4 preferred presets for a bank (ie preset 1: clean + reverb, preset 2: distorsion + flanger ....) and have them accessible with a simple click on on of the 4 buttons of the footswitch.
You can switch bank by pressing 2 buttons at a time and then selecting the desired bank.
Access is rather good (clicking 2 buttons simultaneusly as requested in some cases can be a little difficult sometimes, but you just have to get used to it).
Buttons are a little hard to press, at least at the beginning, and the "click" is very... loud (it can be a good sign of solid construction!)

You can also use the pedal as wah or as expression pedal for the effect you selected.
I personally think this is a must have for all the Vypyr VIP 1 owners. It costs a little less than the amp, but the amp itselfs costs peanuts (at least for me) as the sound is great, the amp is loud and the effects you have out of the box are good: in my opinion you must consider the bundle (amp + Sanpera) as a single product. And compare the cost with the cost of a decent amp + a number of good pedals: this way the value is even clearer
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