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Jupiter XO1600IL XO Roger Ingram

Jupiter XO1600IL Bb- trumpet, model Roger Ingram, Ø 11,50mm medium bore (.453"), hand crafted Ø 122mm B1 brass bell (4,8"), reverse rose brass leadpipe, stainless steel pistons, elliptical and rounded tuning slides, Pearl inlaid and metal finger buttons, regular and light-action spring sets, standard and weighted bottom valve caps, 1st valve slide thumb saddle, 3rd valve slide throw ring and vertical stop, incl. mouthpiece and XO case

Vidare information

Bore Size Medium
Bell Material Brass
Valve Material Stainless Steel
Leadpipe Material Gold Brass
Finish Clear Lacquered
One Piece Design Yes
Incl. Mouthpiece Yes
Incl. Case / Gigbag Yes
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A wonderful trumpet

Michael2564, 28.05.2014
I was inspired to buy this trumpet after taking a lesson with Roger Ingram where I was able to try his horns and indeed learn from the man who designed this trumpet.

For those who do not know, Roger Ingram is one of the most sought after lead trumpet players of all time. His accomplishments are collosal. With his reputation being that of a lead trumpet player with a phoenominal range, huge swinging sound, it may surprise you to find this trumpet is truly versatile and not 'just' a lead horn. The sound has a wondeful core letting you play in any genre or setting.

The second misconception I need to clear up is the 'small bore horn' scenario. For a start this doesn't blow tight. It doesn't sound small. It is a medium bore horn (0.453") with a uniform bore through to the branch of the bell. Whether or not this leads to a wonderfully even response in all registers, I cannot comment, but it plays more evenly than any horn I have owned or tested previous. Bottom F# through double Eb this trumpet is even in response, blow and feel.

It will draw comparison to that of the Shew horns (Yamaha 6310z, 8310z) due to the smaller bore. The Yamaha horns expand bore throughout the horn - the 1600 does not. The Yamaha horns have a lot less core in my experience.

The construction of this horn is of the highest standard. No finish imperfections. Valves are like butter. All parts match well and it feels wonderful to hold. The nickel silver really sets off the brass. Im sure it adds to the tone. The bead is unique - it looks like a French bead but it surely is different. The bell taper is different to anything I have previously experienced. The full set of light and heavy caps, light and heavy springs, xons, light and heavy finger buttons and 2 tuning slides (squared and rounded) for customising your horn is a very nice thought as it helps us find out our own balance. The horn feels substantial too, a real feeling of quality.

The sound is as dark or bright as you care to make it. Response is wonderful from pp through ff. With a lead mouthpiece if you step on the gas it becomes bright and wonderfully projecting, a deep mouthpiece and the sound is velvety.

I hope this review helps: I was so pleased with my horn - I hope this helps answer any questions you may have.
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Jupiter XO1600IL XO Roger Ingram
Jupiter XO1600IL XO Roger Ingram
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1 999 €

Jupiter XO1600IL Bb- trumpet, model Roger Ingram, Ø 11,50mm medium bore (.453"), hand crafted Ø 122mm B1 brass bell (4,8"), reverse rose brass leadpipe, stainless steel pistons, elliptical and...

Jupiter XO1600IS Roger Ingram
Jupiter XO1600IS Roger Ingram
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2 199 €

Bb Trumpet Roger Ingram model, Medium bore Ø 11.50 mm (.453"), Handmade Ø 122 mm B1 brass bell (4.8"), Reversed gold brass mouth pipe, Stainless steel valves, Elliptical and round tuning slide, Two...

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