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Göldo Zero Glide ZGZS3 Nut


  • Pre-lotted in Martin Style
  • With the Zero Glide nut one can provide any guitar with a zero fret and its corresponding advantages without major remodelling
  • Improved playability
  • Improved tuning stability
  • Open and fretted strings sound the same
  • Dimensions: Overall length: 44.7 mm (1-3 / 4"), String spacing (outer strings): 34.5 mm (1-3 / 8") Height at the edge: 11.3 mm (7 / 16"), Height at the center: 11.9 mm ( 15 / 32"), Width: 5.9 mm (15 / 64"), Radius: 406 mm (16")

Vidare information

Width 44,70 mm
Unmachined No
Instrument Estilo Martin
6 Kundbetyg
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5 / 5.0
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5 written ratings Läs alla recensioner

Don't be afraid - just do it!

NOTE: I wrote an update to this original review and changed the title after having more experience with Zero Glide nuts.


I goofed up and failed to measure string spacing, so I ordered an unsuitable nut! Don't be an idiot like me, remember the old adage "measure twice, saw once"!

No sawing is involved with the zero glide nut, but you get the point - MEASURE BEFORE YOU ORDER.

So I didn't install the nut. The reason I write this review anyway, is because I wish to let you know there is an annoying little problem you should be aware of:

The 4 included special zero frets of various sizes are pre-bent to a much too small fretboard radius and don't actually fit the nut at all in that regard!

To install this properly, you'll need to flatten your chosen zero fret a fair bit.This is *not* going to be easy, because it's made of *really* hard alloy!

A very good thing once it's in place, but not so good when you're trying to reshape it...

I really want to zero fret my guitars, so I'll try again later. Unfortunately, this is going to be a more involved affair than I thought, because they don't come pre-slotted with the string spacing I need. Meaning I'll have to invest in an expensive set of nut slotting files and use zero glide nut blanks.

And of course figure out a way to bend the fret without destroying it. I'm the proud owner of a few unused spares to experiment on at least...

The manufacturing of the nut is otherwise flawless, and they used good materials for both nut and fret. If they only radiused the frets correctly they would have gotten full score with this product.



Since writing this I've fitted all my guitars with zero glide nuts, and I got some use out of this misbought one as well. I felt I should add two things to this review:

1. The fret wire can be hammered with a plastic/rubber hammer against a piece of wood until it has the correct radius. It wasn't half as hard as I thought it would be.

2. IT IS WORTH IT! The zero fret improves tuning for the first few frets, inproves tuning stability, removes annoying "steps" when tuning, and makes fretted and unfretted notes blend better. And you can get an extremely low action that still doesn't buzz.

I put these zero frets on all my guitars for a reason!
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