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Erbjud · Förhandlingsbart pris 2000 €

Electric Yamaha Silent Cello SVC110 with Carbon Fibre Bow

A beautiful instrument looking for a new owner who will enjoy playing it! This electric cello was bought new from Thomann a few years ago (original box available) and used and enjoyed on a number of STAGE and RECORDING projects as well as PRACTICE time at home. It is time to pass it on to a new owner now. The current price for a new instrument on the official Yamaha website is £3,630.00. While it is in great condition and INCLUDES A CARBON FIBER BOW, I have pitched a price at £2000. Included are Yamaha Silent Cello with detachable chest rest, Carbon Fibre Bow, carrier bag (super comfortable for the back), batteries, original user manual and the original shipping bow. A description of the instrument in the words of Yamaha: “The SVC110 was created in cooperation with some of the world’s greatest cellists – a fact that is reflected in its extraordinary warm tone and playability. Players will appreciate the instrument’s expressive capability and comfort, as well as its capacity for “silent” practice.” And further in the words of Gear for Music: “A portable cello: Moving your cello around has never been so simple. Weighing less than 4kg, it's a breeze to swing your Silent Cello up into your arms and onto a bus or plane. Your lightweight cello is ready to go wherever you go and deliver a consistent sound, making it perfect for touring. The slim design makes it as light as possible whilst still having the key shape points so it rests against your leg, shoulder, and arms in way you are familiar with. Or, you can play in a completely unfamiliar way. Some professional cellists decide to take their portable cello to the next level, customising shoulder rests so they can play the cello standing or whilst walking. This gives a cellist a whole new freedom on the stage.”

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