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Tubetak Pro Liquid Auralex Acoustics
Auralex Acoustics Tubetak Pro Liquid
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Övriga Studioakustiska element
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Marell Acoustics Bass Drum Tube
Marell Acoustics Bass Drum Tube
Marell Acoustics Bass Drum Tube, transportable foam, shields your Bass Drum microphone from unwanted noise like reflections, echos and sound from other instruments, made of Polyurethan-Foam, density: kg/m³, flame-retardant MVSS 302 / DIN 75200, includes two tunnel elements with each 800 mm, two fitting end-covers...
241 €
2 292,43 SEK
Clearsonic Clear Lid
Clearsonic Clear Lid
Clearsonic Clea Lid, Clear Lid is a complete 5.5' x 6' three section, hinged acrylic lid system (one rectangular center section and two trapezoid side sections) including two telescoping aluminum bars. One panel is 6,35 mm/1/4" thick, 1670 mm/5,5' high and 600 mm/2' wide.
444 €
4 223,40 SEK
Bergerault BDAV + Case
Bergerault BDAV + Case
1 999 €
19 014,81 SEK
Vicoustic VicBooth Premium Expansion 1
Vicoustic VicBooth Premium Expansion 1
Vicoustic VicBooth Premium Expansion Kit 1, Expansion kit for vicoustic vicbooth premium vocal and exercise booth, extends the booth width by ca. 650 mm (1 module size), includes 2 sidewalls and 1 roof module, materials used (same as vicbooth premium): acoustic foam type m1, micro...
699 €
6 649 SEK
Clearsonic A18-3 Amp Shield
Clearsonic A18-3 Amp Shield
Clearsonic A18-3 Panel, 3-section Panel provide acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio. Panel systems feature full-length hinge, cable cut-outs, and a design that allows systems to fold "accordion style" for portability and ease of setup. For maximum isolation without sacrificing visibility....
105 €
998,78 SEK
Clearsonic A18-6 Amp Shield
Clearsonic A18-6 Amp Shield
6-Segment panel
  • For live and studio applications
  • Noise and sound shielding of amplifiers or instruments
  • Easy handling by folding accordion-style hinge
219 €
2 083,16 SEK
Clearsonic AX18-6 Extender
Clearsonic AX18-6 Extender
Clearsonic AX18-6 Height Extender. This 6-section extender adds 450mm/18" of height to standard ClearSonic acrylic shields. It comes complete with "H" channel and hinge so they can easily attach to the top of existing ClearSonic Panel sections. Height extenders can be added to both A4...
216 €
2 054,63 SEK
Kaotica Eyeball B-Stock
Kaotica Eyeball B-Stock
B-Stock, Kaotica Eyeball, Acoustic Treatment Device that isolates and channels sound directly to a microphone, prevents a microphone from capturing ambient noise and room tone, built in Premium Pop-Filter, direct mounting on a Large Membran Microphone, Reduce Ambiance and Reflections, Frequency Range: 0Hz - 30KHz...
174 €
1 655,12 SEK

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