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Toppmärken Ljuseffekter med LED-teknik

Ljuseffekter med LED-teknik
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Varytec LED Color Star
Varytec LED Color Star
Varytec LED Color Star, With the LED Color Star Varytec offers a flexible 3-in-1 LED effect. Furthermore to the 5x 3W RGBWA-LEDs the LED Color Star has in addition eight white strobe LEDs and a red and green laser (laser class: 3B) with 150 miliwatt...
179 €
1 738,32 SEK
Varytec LED EasyMove DoubleWash Unl.
Varytec LED EasyMove DoubleWash Unl.
Effect Moving Head
  • With two separately controllable LED heads mounted on both sides
  • With unlimited Pan & Tilt movement
  • High movement speed
299 €
2 903,67 SEK
Eurolite LED FE-2000 Hybrid Laserflower
Eurolite LED FE-2000 Hybrid Laserflower
Light Effect
  • 3-in-1 DMX light effect
  • With red and green laser
  • With rotating LED derby
249 €
2 418,11 SEK
Cameo Voodoo 2-in-1 Effect
Cameo Voodoo 2-in-1 Effect
LED Derby and Strobe effect
  • The Derby effect is generated by 20 x 3W RGBA LEDs
  • The strobe flashes with 12 white 1 W LEDs
  • Individual control via the integrated microphone, automatic or in the DMX modes 2-, 4- and 8-channel
159 €
1 544,09 SEK
Cameo HydraBeam 300 RGBW
Cameo HydraBeam 300 RGBW
LED Moving Head RGBW
  • 3x 10 W Quad LED moving heads
  • Coverage pattern: 4.5°
  • Illuminance: Red: 9600 lx 1m, Green: 22400 lx 1m, Blue: 4650 lx 1m, White: 31000 lx 1m
399 €
3 874,80 SEK
Eurolite LED D-400 Beam Effect RGBAW
Eurolite LED D-400 Beam Effect RGBAW
LED Beam Effect
  • RGBAW Derby with 5x 3 W LEDs
  • 4 Lens rows with a total of 24 glass lenses ensure a room-filling effect
  • DMX-controlled operation or stand-alone operation with master / slave function possible
104 €
1 009,97 SEK
Varytec LED Derby ST incl. IR Remote
Varytec LED Derby ST incl. IR Remote
LED Derby STThe LED Derby ST by VARYTEC is a 2-in-1-Derby effect for single LED colours. In addition to the 4 x 3-watt RGBW LEDs Derby ST also features 16 white LEDs for strobe applications. In addition to the DMX512 control with either 4 or 1 DMX channels of the compact two kg light LED Derby ST course has automatic and sound-to-light modes and can be used in master / slave configurations.
  • Sound-to-Light: Yes
  • DMX 512: Yes
  • Number DMX channels: 1/4
69 €
670,08 SEK
ADJ Mini Dekker LZR
ADJ Mini Dekker LZR
2-in-1 LED Moonflower Effect
  • 48 Beams in RGBW colours combined with a red / green grating laser
  • DMX controllable
  • Compatible with the UC-IR remote control and iOS App Airstream IR from ADJ (both sold separately, IR transmitter for iOS app included)
149 €
1 446,98 SEK
Showtec Cyclone 4 RGBW 10W 4in1 LED
Showtec Cyclone 4 RGBW 10W 4in1 LED
LED effect
  • Input voltage: 100-230V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 36 W
  • Light source: 1x 10 W 4-in1 RGBW chip
139 €
1 349,87 SEK
ADJ XS 600
ADJ XS 600
LED Axis Moving Head
  • Dual Axis heads that rotate 360 degrees in both directions
  • Compact and lightweight design for mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars, skating rinks or bowling alleys and mobile productions
  • Great visual effects such as moving rays and colour changes
239 €
2 321 SEK
Battery-Powered LED Effect
  • With 4x 3 W RGBW LEDs
  • Fills the space with colourful dots and creates festive atmosphere anywhere
  • Power supply either via network connection or with the supplied battery
59 €
572,97 SEK
Cameo HydraBeam 300 W
Cameo HydraBeam 300 W
LED Moving Head
  • 3x 10 W Lumi-Engin LED moving heads
  • Colour spectrum: White
  • Coverage pattern: 4.5°
319 €
3 097,90 SEK
Fun Generation LED Diamond Dome RGBWA Bundle
Fun Generation LED Diamond Dome RGBWA Bundle
49 €
475,85 SEK
Cameo Serum 3-in-1 Effect
Cameo Serum 3-in-1 Effect
LED Derby, Moonflower and Strobe effect
  • Combines three effects in one device
  • The derby effect is generated by 2 x 9W RGB LEDs
  • 16 Red, green, blue and white 5 mm LEDs provide a powerful Moonflower effect
130 €
1 262,47 SEK
ADJ Stinger Star
ADJ Stinger Star
3-in-1 Effect
  • Includes moonflower effect, strobe / chase effect and a laser
  • Compatible with the UC-IR infrared remote control from ADJ (not included) and the iOS app "Airstream IR"
  • LED type: Moonflower: 6 x 3W RGBAWUV x-in-1 LEDs
199 €
1 932,54 SEK
Fun Generation ClubFX-1 Beam Flower 40 Bundle
Fun Generation ClubFX-1 Beam Flower 40 Bundle
170 €
1 650,92 SEK
Showtec Bumper Flower incl. IR Remote
Showtec Bumper Flower incl. IR Remote
Effect Beam
  • Power consumption: 12 W
  • LED System: 1 W Red, 1 W Green, 1 W Blue
  • Control: IR remote control
38 €
369,03 SEK
Showtec Techno Derby
Showtec Techno Derby
LED Light Effect
  • Both effects can be played separately
  • The strobe consists of 16 powerful white strobe LEDs with different pre-programmed patterns
  • With multiple Techno Derbys, you can create a synchronized lightshow in master / slave mode
77 €
747,77 SEK
Cameo Superfly FX incl. IR-Remote
Cameo Superfly FX incl. IR-Remote
2-in-1 Derby Effect & Grating Laser
  • RGBW Derby effect with four 3 Watt LEDs
  • Red 100 mW and green 30 mW grating laser
  • Laser protection class: 3R
150 €
1 456,69 SEK
Eurolite LED MFX-4 Beam Effect
Eurolite LED MFX-4 Beam Effect
Beam Effect
  • Arranged in three separately controllable LED strips
  • Endless PAN movement
  • Each LED can be controlled individually
493 €
4 787,66 SEK
ADJ Crazy Pocket 8
ADJ Crazy Pocket 8
Moving Head
  • With fast-moving 8-zone RGBA LEDs
  • Two LED bars each with 4 lenses, which can be controlled independently of each other
  • You can run the device in three operational modes: DMX control, Master/Slave & music control
233 €
2 262,73 SEK
Varytec LED Lavida
Varytec LED Lavida
Light EffectThis VARYTEC light effect is bursting with life! With its two built-in effects it produces light shows that are impressive and extremely beautiful to watch. In addition to its 6 x 3 W RGB high power LEDs, which are deflected by two independent levels, it also has a laser unit, which creates a very beautiful Grating effect.
  • Technical specifications:
  • Light source: LED single colour
  • Effects: multi-effects
176 €
1 709,19 SEK
Showtec Wipe Out 8 RGBW
Showtec Wipe Out 8 RGBW
Moving Bar Effect with RGBW Beams
  • Divided into two sections, which can be pivoted independently of one another
  • Equipped with quick-lock brackets
  • LED Type: 8 x 8 W RGBW LED
515 €
5 001,31 SEK
Showtec Astro 360
Showtec Astro 360
Effect Light
  • Power light source: 8x 10 W
  • Beam angle: 3°
  • Colours: RGBW
399 €
3 874,80 SEK
Showtec Galaxy 360
Showtec Galaxy 360
Central Ball Effect
  • With endless PAN and tilt rotation
  • Combines the Par 36 motion effect with the advantages of full colour- and pixel control
  • LED Type: 12 x 9W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs
785 €
7 623,35 SEK
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