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iNuke NU6000 Behringer
Behringer iNuke NU6000
Mer än 2000 styck sålda
(status: 02/2017)

Behringer produktöversikt
435 träffar. Sida 2: produkter2650 visas

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Behringer MDX2600 Composer Pro XL
Behringer MDX2600 Composer Pro XL
  • Compressor, expander and limiter
  • 2 Channels
  • Adjustable expander / gate (threshold, release, ratio)
118 €
1 122,67 SEK
Behringer VP1800S
Behringer VP1800S
Professional 1600 Watt 18" Subwoofer
  • Power: 400 W RMS, 1600 W peak
  • Built-in speaker stand flange
  • 2 Speaker twist
259 €
2 464,17 SEK
Behringer Xenyx X1832USB
Behringer Xenyx X1832USB
  • 18 Channels
  • 60 mm Faders
  • 6 Mic inputs with 48 V phantom power and 75 Hz low cut
225 €
2 140,69 SEK
Behringer ULTRALINK MS8000
Behringer ULTRALINK MS8000
Behringer ULTRALINK MS8000 Ultra-low noise 8 in/16 out microphone splitter,Each channel features Direct and Link outputs, Output ground lift switch per channel, Flexible input link switches, Phantom power link to Direct Output
99 €
941,90 SEK
Behringer Xenyx 1202
Behringer Xenyx 1202
12 Channel mixer
  • 4 Mic inputs with 48 Volt phantom power, 3-Band EQ and peak LEDs
  • 4 Stereo inputs
  • 1 Post-fader AUX
72 €
685,02 SEK
Behringer Xenyx 502
Behringer Xenyx 502
5 Channel mixer
  • 1 Microphone input with Phantom power (not switchable) and 2-Band EQ
  • 2 Stereo inputs
  • Master out via jack
38 €
361,54 SEK
Behringer UMC404HD
Behringer UMC404HD
Behringer UMC404HD, 4x4 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface with MIDAS Mic Preamps, 24-Bit/192 kHz, 4x XLR/TR 6,3mm Combo Mic-/Line-Input with Pad-Switch and Clip-/Signal-LED, 4x Line-Out 6,3mm TR / RCA (2x L/R), Main-Out XLR/TRS 6,3mm, 4x Insert 6,3mm TRS, MIDI I/O, switchable Phantom Power +48V (for Channel...
111 €
1 056,07 SEK
Behringer NOX101 DJ-Mixer
Behringer NOX101 DJ-Mixer
DJ Mixer
  • Premium 2-channel battle DJ mixer
  • Contact free optical 45mm Infinium crossfader with adjustable tension and fader curve
  • 3-Band EQ with full kill filters plus 6-segment lever meters
79 €
751,62 SEK
Behringer HD400
Behringer HD400
2-Channel Hum SuppressorDo not be fooled by the compact dimensions of this 2-channel hum suppressor because as a powerful problem solver, it should be in every rack! This handy device removes hum and noise quickly and reliably. The HD400 breaks ground loops and therefore automatically converts unbalanced to balanced signals. The device has two 6.3mm stereo jack inputs and outputs for two mono or a single stereo signal.
  • Simple, fast and reliable removal of hum and noise
  • Safe and effective interruption of ground loops
  • Automatic conversion of unbalanced to balanced signals
22,90 €
217,87 SEK
Behringer VMX1000 USB
Behringer VMX1000 USB
Behringer VMX 1000 USB - professional 7-channel ultra low-noise DJ mixer with state-of-the-art phono preamps, intelligent dual auto-BPM counter, super-smooth ultraglide faders with up to 500,000 life cycles, awesome XPQ stereo surround effect, VCA controlled crossfader for ultimate reliability and smooth audio performance, adjustable crossfader...
185 €
1 760,12 SEK
Behringer X-Dante
Behringer X-Dante
Dante Card for Behringer X32
  • 32 Channels (48 kHz) bi-directional
  • Full remote control possible
519 €
4 937,85 SEK
Behringer FBQ1502HD Ultragraph Pro
Behringer FBQ1502HD Ultragraph Pro
Behringer FBQ1502HD Ultragraph Pro ultra-musical 15-band stereo graphic EQ with FBQ feedback detection system, audio analyzer, Dedicated mono subwoofer output with adjustable crossover frequency, Additional low-cut filter removes unwanted frequencies, e.g. floor rumble, Highly accurate 4-segment LED output metering and input gain control for easy...
99 €
941,90 SEK
Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD
Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD
Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD, USB Audiointerface 24bit 192kHz, 2 inputs and 2 outputs, 2x combi input XLR/6,3mm jack, MIDAS-Design mic-preamps incl. 48V phantom power, Hi-Z input, signal and clip indicator, pad switch per channel, direct monitoring, 6,3mm jack headphones out, 6,3mm jack outputs, output and headphones...
66 €
627,94 SEK
Behringer ZMX8210 Ultrazone
Behringer ZMX8210 Ultrazone
Professional Mic/Line Zone Mixer
  • Remote Control and Link Ports
  • 8 Channels 3-Bus
  • 6 Ultra-low noise Mic-/Line-Inputs with Gain control
139 €
1 322,47 SEK
Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB
Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB
12 Channel Mixer
  • 4 Microphone inputs with 48 Volt Phantom power, 3-Band EQ and peak LED
  • 4 Stereo inputs
  • 1 Aux (post)
95 €
903,85 SEK
Behringer PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro
Behringer PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro
48-Channel Multifunctional Patch Bay
  • Balanced jack sockets 6.3 mm
  • Three switchable modes per channel: Normal (normalised), Half Normal (half normalised) and THRU (through-connected)
  • Switch on the top of the patch bay for each channel for switching the modes
77 €
732,59 SEK
Behringer PMP550M
Behringer PMP550M
Power mixer
  • Power: 500 W Mono at 4 ohm
  • 5 Inputs XLR/jack
  • 2-Band EQ per channel
219 €
2 083,60 SEK
Behringer EPQ304 Europower
Behringer EPQ304 Europower
Power Amplifier
  • Power: 4x 75 W an 4 Ω, 4x 50 W @ 8 Ω
  • Connections: Combi-Input XLR and jack, output speaker twist
  • Dampening factor > 220 at 8 Ω
229 €
2 178,74 SEK
Behringer Xenyx Q802USB
Behringer Xenyx Q802USB
  • 2 Mic Inputs with 48 Volt phantom power and compressor, 3 Band EQ and peak LED
  • 1 AUX (post)
  • 2 Stereo Line Inputs
77 €
732,59 SEK
Behringer PPA2000BT
Behringer PPA2000BT
Portable PA System
  • 8 Channels
  • Equipped with: 10" Woofer, 1" Compression driver
  • Wireless streaming via Bluetooth
733 €
6 973,89 SEK
Behringer F1320D Monitor
Behringer F1320D Monitor
  • Powerful 165 W RMS, 2-way monitor system
  • Class-D amplifier technology
  • Adjustable feedback filter and integrated limiter
245 €
2 330,97 SEK
Behringer Xenyx Q502USB
Behringer Xenyx Q502USB
  • 1 XLR Mic Input with 15 V phantom power and compressor, 2-Band EQ and peak LED
  • 2 Stereo Line inputs
  • 2 Track In/Outs
58 €
551,82 SEK
Behringer FBQ3102HD Ultragraph Pro
Behringer FBQ3102HD Ultragraph Pro
Behringer FBQ3102HD Ultragraph Pro, ultra-musical 31-band stereo graphic EQ with FBQ feedback detection system, Balanced XLR and 6,3 mm Jack In and Outputs, Sub Output, variable Low Pass Filter from 30Hz-200Hz, adjustable Low and Hi cut; Hard By-Pass, Illuminated faders, 19", 2HE
145 €
1 379,55 SEK
Behringer HB01 Hell Babe
Behringer HB01 Hell Babe
Behringer HB01 Hell Babe - ultimate wah wah pedal with optical control, adjustable heel down frequency via rank automatic controller (250-440Hz), thus also suitable for bass guitar. Power supply optional (Thomann NT AC/PSA - order code: 108096)
46 €
437,65 SEK
Behringer FBQ6200HD
Behringer FBQ6200HD
2x 31 Band Equalizer with Feedback Detector
  • Works as a feedback detector or as an audio analyser
  • Limiter
  • Pink noise generator
189 €
1 798,18 SEK
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