Arturia MiniLab MKII

Plugins for over 400 Euros for free

Including Plug-in Package worth over 400 euros

When you purchase an Arturia KeyLab Controller after registering, you will receive a Plug-in package with Arturia Mini V, Arturia Stage-73 V as well as Arturia REV Plate-140 with a total value of over 400 euros for free!

USB Controller Keyboard

  • 25 Velocity-sensitive mini-keys
  • 16 Encoder - 2 of them clickable
  • 2 Banks of 8 velocity and pressure sensitive pads with RGB lighting (adjustable colors)
  • Touchstrips for pitch bend and modulation
  • Sustain pedal connector
  • USB port
  • Bus Powered
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 355 x 220 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Includes software "Analog Lab Lite" with 500 sounds in V-Collection 5-quality, "Ableton Live Lite" and "UVI Grand Piano" (software download required from manufacturer's website)
  • Windows: från 8 (64-Bit)
  • Mac OS (64 Bit): från 10.11.6
  • CPU min.: Intel Core i5
  • RAM min.: 4 GB
Format som stöds
  • Stand-Alone-Software
  • AAX native 64-Bit
  • AU 64-Bit
  • VST2 32-Bit
  • VST2 64-Bit
  • VST3 64-Bit
Tillgänglig sedan December 2016
Artikelnummer 402764
försäljningsenhet 1 Styck
Single/Bundle article Bundle
Akustik Keys/Pianos No
Beat production / Drum machines Yes
Wind Instruments No
Cinematic / Effects No
Chorus / Vocals No
Drums / Percussion No
E-Pianos Yes
Ethno / Folk No
Guitars/plucked instruments No
Loops/Construction-Kits No
Orchestra Instruments No
Organs Yes
String Bass No
Sampler No
String Instruments No
Synthesizer Yes
Vintage Instrument Yes
Hardware Controller No
Pitch Bend / Modulation 1
Rotary Encoder 16
Fader (Amount) 0
Pads 8
MIDI interface No
Sustain Pedal Connection 1
USB-port 1
Bus-Powered 1
Width in mm 355 mm
Height in mm 50 mm
Depth in mm 220 mm
Weight 1,5 kg
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Lapz 27.07.2021
Very nice keyboard, looks more expensive than the actuall cost.
The keys are smaller than a normal keyboard but not too small. I have quite big fingers but still I can play easy. You get used to it.
The non stop knobs is one of the best parts. You can use them easily in a vst.
Not all plugins work with the knobs though. Not at least in my DAW (Reaper).
Anyway, I am happy to have it and I sugggest it for anyone who is on a budget and want to have a small and reliable keyboard.
Anmäl recension

Anmäl recension

Mycket bra mobilt keyboard.
mEDIK 23.11.2019
Köpte det för att ha till min mobila studio för resor m.m. och det fungerar jättebra. Tangenterna känns lagom "tröga" och detsamma gäller vridpottarna. Enda minuset är att padsen känns lite plastiga men det är nog mest en vanesak.
Anmäl recension

Anmäl recension

google translate gb
Tyvärr uppstod ett fel. försök igen senare.
A great MIDI controller, apart from some details
José Meira 26.07.2020
I was a bit divided between this Arturia MiniLab MKII and the Akai MPK mini MK2. I chose this one because it looked nicer, because I didn't like the mod and pitch wheel being merged in a joystick in the Akai and because the keys looked sturdier. I was not mistaken about that, I have some friends that had the Akai and the keys actually felt really flimsy and some even broke.
I wanted something that I could take with me everywhere and that could also be on the side of the computer in my home studio to try synth sounds and deal with them easily before going to my main keyboard that is not a MIDI controller but has more keys and better quality overall. This keyboard does the trick but there are a few details I would like to mention.
First, the knobs have really little sensibility if you turn them slowly but can go crazy if you crank them up a little faster. That can be useful in some cases, but in other is really distracting and can slow your workflow. Not something terrible, just something to keep in mind.
Second, I prefer the pitch and mod wheels being separate things, but the "touch" feature is a little unnatural and, in my opinion, unnecessary. But since I only use this keyboard it for drafts or dialing sounds, it's ok for me.

Off with the bad points, on with the good ones.

The pads are really good and sensible. They feel great and have a really nice response.
The size is perfect to put in your backpack and take it anywhere, and since it doesn't require any batteries or a power outlet, you can make music anywhere (keep in mind that it is white, it can get dirty really easily if you're not careful).
The keys are not amazing but they meet the goals that is to play with more or less sensibility.
It looks awesome!!!

Overall was a great buy, considering the price and the functionalities it has, plus the plug-ins it gives you. If your looking for something portable and powerful, I would recommend the Arturia MiniLab MKII ;)
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Anmäl recension

google translate gb
Tyvärr uppstod ett fel. försök igen senare.
Before you buy, read this
anonnymous 23.04.2020
I ordered this a couple days ago and got it two days ago, at first everything seemed fine, the keys were playing, i could map things, but when i started playing with the rotary encoders i noticed that when I turned them slowly, the values would jump up and down for a few values, like really unstable! its basicaly unusable for things like fine automation.. This was unnaceptable for me and i don't know how i didnt notice that in the reviews! just search the google: Arturia minilab mk2 jumpy knobs, its a common problem due to their cheap encoders, and no amount of software firmware updates can fix it, what makes me even more sad is that this is an old problem, i've found posts about this from 2013 and Arturia hasn't done anything to fix this, i returned this product, the features are great, exactly what i needed and that makes it even more frustrating for me. Maybe i got a defect product but i don't even want to bother because of their slow customer support, i'm glad i bought this on Thomann as they have excellent customer suport and return policy!
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Anmäl recension

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