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AKAI Professional MPC X

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AKAI Professional MPC X
17 490 kr
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Gratis frakt. Beräknad leverans mellan Torsdag, 28.10. och Fredag, 29.10.
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Tyvärr uppstod ett fel. försök igen senare.
DO NOT BUY!!!!- edit 2021
RalfMoss 26.11.2019
Item was replaced... no issue NOW...Happy OUT.
I was offered a money-back ...still decide to give a second try with MPCX.
Fantastic peace of gear...as long as you don't get a LEMON

DO NOT BUY !!!!!!!!!!
Be aware. software/ hardware issue ...not resolved by service.
MpcX was sent twice for repair. Issue not resolved.
Not even bother to at least reinstall the software.
That is the service you receive after spending 2k.
If you would email me before sending back machine to me I would tell you that you need to play on it for some time for the issue to come up.

ps out of the VST packet that came with it only one is working. Something to do with the code. That is also a common issue.

edit 07 Nov. 2020
after 5 months of sending the machine back and forth, they told me that there is no issue but
...The service partner confirmed that MPC sometimes shortly freezes, however, this happens only under Windows 10

Its the machine that has a problem.
I was working on the pc while the machine was away with no issue.
I will be switching to a different supplier for my studio gear

This is a common issue
I don't accept that on the top of the range machine that cost 2k
Read the comments under this video

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Anmäl recension

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AKAI Professional MPC X