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Thomann Cats Kalimba Blue



  • Made of Mahogany
  • 17 Tines tuned in C major
  • Sound hole in the shape of two cats
  • Colour: Blue
  • Includes strong case, tuning hammer, and cleaning cloth
Number of metal tines 17
Type Kalimba
Pickup No
disponibil din Mai 2021
numărul articolului 512829
48 € 237,57 lei
Include TVA la care se adaugă 19,90 € costul de transport
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Disponibil imediat

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Livrare aprox. între Joi, 9.12. și Vineri, 10.12.
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A solid kalimba
EliasVM 30.10.2021
I have to say, that it’s my first kalimba ever, but it made a very good first impression. It’s solid, well made and looks very nice. I love the shape of the sound hole.
I have to say that I am a bit disappointed with how the lower C and the highest B through E sound. The lower C really booms and the box resonates quite heavily to the point where the sound is a bit distorted; the highest notes are a bit feeble.
All in all, it’s a good instrument, sold along with a very nice and sturdy case, a tuning hammer and a cloth (that does not match the color of the instrument itself—pity).
Two thumb protectors were also in the box, but those were too small for my thumbs.
I’m very happy with it as an entry level instrument.
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