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Rotosound PN11 Pure Nickels


String Set For Electric Guitar

  • Gauges: .011, .014, .018, .028w, .038w, .048w
  • Nickel
Gauge 011 - 048
Strength of the strings 0,011"–0,048"
Material Nickel
G-String Wound No
numărul articolului 325556
7,80 € 38,57 lei
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Sparkly accurate strings
Il Grande Silencio 10.06.2020
Pleasantly surprised by these strings. I replaced a set of Thomastik Jazz strings with these. I really didn't get on with the Thomastiks - really unbalanced, dead things that are just... really odd. Maybe they're great on Jazz Guitars, but on my tele they sucked. Stringjoys are my goto brand, I tried these as a bridge until I can get some more Stringjoys and they are really decent! They're bright and full of life without being harsh on the ear, they feel clean and balanced (no obvious annoying overtones), not quite up to Stringjoy standards, but nothing really is. These are really good strings, really enjoying them, they pair well with a tele, reasonably priced. Definitely worth trying on your instrument. Good purchase! They're only 4 stars in comparison with the very very best (which are about twice the price by the way, so... I would have gone 4.5 if I could have!)
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