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Rockboard Pedalsafe Type K1 Rockboard


Protective Cover

  • Suitable for Mooer Micro series effect pedals with a large knob configuration
  • Suitable for most effect pedals with a housing size around 92 x 37 x 37 mm
  • With pedal plate for mounting on Rockboard pedal boards with click system
  • Offset of QuickMount mounting holes (W x D): 28 x 82 mm
  • Protects effect pedals from dirt and weather conditions
  • Protects the settings from unintentionally shifting
  • Mounts effect pedals securely on Rockboard pedal boards
  • No permanent modifications required
  • Includes QuickMount pedal mounting plate type K for Rockboard pedal boards and replacement screws
disponibil din Mai 2020
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A great way to avoid accidently changing your settings.
Robert Peterson 30.08.2020
A great idea nicely implemented. The best part is using my pedals without fear of screwing up my settings.

I have a pedalboard with several pedals configured into different rows. I've lost track of how many times I've accidently changed a setting on a pedal because my foot brushed against it while engaging/disengaging an adjacent pedal. This is something that's basically impossible to notice on a dark stage until it's too late and you engage the inadvertantly changed pedal with borked settings. The Rockboard Pedalsafe eliminated that problem entirely.

Made of soft, maliable materials the Pedalsafe is easy to put on, it's easy to snap the upper guard in place and easy to pull the upper guard off to make changes to your tone. I wish I bought this years ago.
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