Rockboard Pedalsafe Type D2 Rockboard

Protective Cover

  • Suitable for Electro Harmonix, Keeley Electronics, MXR and many other pedals with large, horizontal housings and a configuration with two rows of pots
  • Fits most effect pedals with housing dimensions of approx. 94 x 125 x 37 mm
  • With base plate for mounting on Rockboard pedalboards with click system
  • Distance of QuickMount mounting holes (W x D): 110 x 78-83 mm
  • Protects effect pedals from dirt and weather influences
  • Protects settings from unintentional adjustment
  • Mounts effect pedals securely on RockBoard pedalboards
  • No permanent modifications required
  • Includes QuickMount pedal mounting plate Type D for RockBoard pedalboards, spare screws and shim plate for easy lifting of pedals
disponibil din Mai 2020
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