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Optima Mandolin Strings Chrom Special


Mandolin String Set

  • Complete set of 8 strings
  • Material: G and D strings made of chrome special alloy, A and E strings made of chrome steel
  • With loop
  • Tuning: e '' e '', a'a ', d'd', gg
Instrument Mandoline
Ball End No
Loop End Yes
Set Yes
Single String No
numărul articolului 241996
17,70 € 87,60 lei
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Disponibil imediat

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Optima Mandolin Strings Chrome Special
Robert814 02.11.2015
The gauges are stated on the back of the pack as .010 .013 .022 .036 The description says, "Flat-wound" - (smooth comfortable feel). The pack states "Polished" - (even more comfortable). A and E Chrome steel. Nickel and chrome are more magnetic than iron, so more output to magnetic pickups. (Not applicable to me). This set only has 2 wound pairs. The Perfection set has 3, but I'm not sure if that would make the lighter wound string more prone to breaking? I may try those in future for comparison.
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