Line6 Relay G30


2.4 GHz Guitar and Bass Wireless Transmitter

  • 6 Switchable frequencies
  • Audio frequency range: 10 - 20,000 Hz
  • Max. SPL: 118 dB
  • Range: up to 30 m (depending on surroundings)
  • Input and output: Jack
  • Battery life: approx. 8 hours
  • LED chains for status and battery display
  • Switchable EQ settings for simulating various guitar cables
  • Compact and stylish build
  • Batteries, power adaptor, cable and instruction manual included
  • Dimensions (Receiver): 110 x 80 x 33 mm
  • Dimensions (Transmitter): 85 x 65 x 35 mm
  • Cable length: 501 mm
disponibil din August 2009
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Guitar Channels 1
Transmission Format Digital
Frequency 2400 MHz
Transmitter Type Pocket Transmitter
Receiver Type Pedalboard
Mountable Antenna No
Charging System No
Internal Battery No
Diversity 1
Usable Frequencies 6
Frequency Display 1
Transmitter with Accu No
Output 6,3 mm Jack unbal.
Receiver Width in mm 80 mm
Receiver Height in mm 33 mm
Receiver Depth in mm 110 mm
Rackkit No
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Disponibil în câteva luni

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L-am recomandat deja!
Ghizmo 21.11.2017
Nu ma pot abtine si am sa incep prin a spune urmatoarele:
- acele comentarii negative privind acest produs sunt vorbe goale
- nu numai ca raportul calitate/pret este unul excelent, nu bun ci excelent, sunt pe deplin satisfacut de acest sistem wireless.

Initial, l-am folosit intr-un mediu controlat si sunt sarcastic, pentru ca functionand in sistem digital wi-fi, sa stea PE un router AC, nu este tocmai un lucru recomandat, dar a functionat incredibil de bine si fara pierderi de calitate sau semnal
Acea usita de la baterie, despre care se vorbeste ca este foarte slaba, se poate asigura cu o banda elastica (ex.: banda pentru bani) sau chiar velcro, asigurandu-l pe strap
- plug and play perfect
- greutate redusa
- calitate semnalului este foarte buna (o foarte usoara compresie si o reducere a frecventelor foarte joase, nederanjant, testandu-l inclusiv pe o chitara bas)
- desi se recomanda linie dreapta si neobturata, a functionat perfect intre camere (ziduri de beton si tratate acustic)
- latenta este atat de mica, incat nu inteleg de ce se mai specifica

Cons? What cons?

Imi voi comanda inca o unitate, sigur, pentru ca imi vreau ambele chitari (electrica si acustica) sa fie wireless.

Pacat ca Line6 nu produce si monitoare wireless digitale
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Line6 G30 - An all round excellent, inexpensive, reliable wireless system.
Phillybob 24.06.2020
The Line6 G30 Relay is an all round inexpensive guitar and bass wireless system that performs as good as any system the market has to offer. It delivers clarity of tone without delay and no audible loss of tonal quality at any venue anywhere.
I have used this system for my bass for many years now as have my fellow band members for their guitars with no issues to note.
Having recently purchased two more transmitters so each bass has one ready to go at the side of the stage when needed.
Flawless transition between guitar changes, simply turn off the one your using, change the guitar and switch on the new one - as simple as that.
Have thought of upgrading to a different system a few times but have no valid reason to do so as these perform so reliably in all conditions.
Weather on your amp or as I do, have it on my effects board so I can monitor signal strength it has never let me down be it small humid indoor stages or large cold and windy outdoor festival stages.
Neatly designed and simple to use it looks great on a pedal board. The only floor I have to point out is the transmitter clip. Needs to be removed if using a holder and isn't the greatest design if using the clip. They always break off. Even when removing the mounting following manufacturers instructions the clip holder breaks but this is just one tiny inconsequential flaw. They've all gone on mine.
I would recommend this system not only to anyone wanting to try a wireless system for the first time as it is inexpensive and delivers a professional sound well above what you would expect to pay for one, but for those wanting to upgrade this system packs a punch well above its weight.
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Just like being connected by a cable!
Anonim 20.03.2017
I use this on my yamaha electric bass. I tried fm- types but ended up sending them back because they seemed to have a slight hiss and I felt they changed my sound too much. This G30 seems not to effect my sound at all- at least that I have noticed so far and despite digital processing I can't detect any delay. There is a switch to imitate a length of cable but I don't use that. I have had no connection problems so far despite this thing sharing an already crowded wifi frequency band- although I don't ask audience members if their wifi connection is working ok- :-) It uses multiple frequencies to ensure a solid signal and can be set to mode 1 or 2. I have the base station mounted on my pedal board- with a double power lead from a multiple power supply It seems to work ok just with 125mA but I use the double cable giving the rated 200mA. The transmitter pack is hooked onto my guitar strap and held in place with crossed velcro straps. It's well attached and the door can't open with the velcro over it. It's easy to lift one of the velcro straps to change the batteries. One side of the transmitter is a huge rubber pad- giving a very solid feeling. The battery door on the other side does not seem very solid so I am always careful to pull the latch back when closing it. The jack socket seems good. I find the supplied cable a little stiff but it's a good length so I am still using it. So far no problems what-so-ever, just a reliable link to my pedal board. The base station has lights to show signal quality and battery strength. Definitely digital is the way to go- highly recommended!
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Din păcate a intervenit o eroare. Vă rugăm încercați din nou mai târziu.
Good balance between price and features
Mombasaflash 31.03.2020
I don't care what anyone else says about digital radios not changing your guitar signal. The truth is ... THEY DO! They ALL do!

Not in any evil way, but they all do the same as a Boss stomp box FX pedal - they buffer the signal. This manifests as a brightening of the tone, adding a not always pleasing treble edge to the sound.

The purpose of 'buffering' is to replace high frequencies due to capacitance loss in long cables. As the whole point of a radio is to dispense with long cables, there would be no capacitance loss to eliminate. Presumably, buffering is an essential and unavoidable component of the circuit and therefore cannot be avoided.

Fortunately, Line6 have considered all this. They KNOW that guitar players do not like change and so they have very thoughtfully included a means to trash your pristine buffered radio signal in order to mimic your previous dirty cable tone. The G30 offers three cable lengths.

I have found that position #2 most closely mimics the previous 'guitar straight into the amp with a 2-3m cable' tone, removing most of the added (buffer) brightness. Position #3 actually darkens the tone slightly.

With the receiver being relatively small I have been able to mount it on the pedal board (in fact, it is mounted underneath to save space on top) which is more convenient than my rack radio for smaller venues.

Some people have reported issues with the battery door, complaining that it is too flimsy. Others complain about the transmitter belt/strap clip.

I do not foresee any problems. I ALWAYS use an additional elasticated band to hold the transmitter to the guitar strap. This prevents the clip coming unhooked and also protects the battery door. it is a simple solution.

All in all, this is a good little unit for small venues.
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