Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerRack


Amplifier 19" VersionSince the introduction of modeling technology into the guitar amplifier world, guitarists have been able to access a variety of sounds and effects with relatively little effort.

But what if you want to take your own favorite sounds instead of the manufacturer's sound specifications? Prior to the release of the Kemper Profiling Amp, there were not many alternatives: either, as before the digital revolution, they dragged their entire equipment from place to place, or tried to adapt the modeled sounds of the modeling amp as far as possible to their own desires.

Kemper breaks new ground here. Instead of using predefined emulation of different amplifier models, the Profiling Amp (Nomen est Omen) creates an exact image of the sound set on the amplifier together with the connected speaker and microphone. This combines all the personal favorite sounds in one device. In addition, the sound profile can be edited with various floor effect emulations, master effects, equalizer, and so on. A separate amp fleet is not a mandatory requirement, because the Profiling Amplifier is already equipped with a large number of classic amplifier profiles. In addition, a large Kemper community has now established itself in the world where sound profiles are exchanged over the Internet.

  • Power rack version with 600 watt class D amplifier
  • Power: 600 watts into 8 ohms, 300 watts into 16 ohm
  • Format: 19 "/ 3 HE
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 48.3 x 13.9 x 22 cm (as the rubber feet should not be removed for ventilation reasons, a min. 4 U rack is required)
  • Weight: 6.18 kg
  • Colour: Black


  • Mic input
  • Line In
  • Alternative input
  • Direct Out
  • Monitor Out
  • Master Out (jack & XLR)
  • S / PDIF digital input and output
  • Midi In / Out / Thru
  • 2 x Footswitch (jack)
  • Network and USB
Power 600 W
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
Sound-Control 3-band
Effects Yes
External FX Loop Yes
Line Input Yes
Recording Output Yes
MIDI Interface Yes
Headphone connection No
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch Yes
Weight 5,4 kg
disponibil din Iunie 2013
numărul articolului 304819
unitate de vânzare 1 bucată(ăţi)
Design 19"
Tube(s) 1
Amp Modeling 1
Integrated Effects 1
Headphone Output 1
Direct Out 1
MIDI Connector(s) 1
Connections for Pedals or Switches 1
Aux-Input 1
Aux Input 1
Integrated Tuner 1
USB Connection 1
Width 396 mm
Height 214 mm
Depth 165 mm
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Kemper PowerRack 600
Keith6629 12.12.2013
Early days yet but this is my experience so far.
I was interested in the concept, read the reviews and had been considering getting a Kemper to profile my Mesa LoneStar Special to use as a backup for gigs (or replace it completely because the Kemper is much lighter and should be more reliable). My LSS actualy blew up a few weeks ago so that pushed me to buy the Kemper anyway. The user interface took me some time to get used to - after a few days I am still not proficient - even though I have worked in IT since 1980 - it's not that easy. An Ethernet or USB connection and a Web UI would probably help a lot here.

I have profiled my LSS Preamps and the Kemper gets very close but is less "airy" with slightly less "sparkle" - this is just a/b through the desk into headphones. This has nothing to do with power amp/speaker coupling yet, which I have not tried to emulate or profile (that's a job for a soundproof room next week). The touch reponse and dynamics of the profile were impressively close to the LSS preamp once it's gone through a few stages of refinement. I found that by playng single notes rather than chords as instructed during the refinement process it got closer to the orginal dynamics. The effects are excellent.

I tried the PowerRack for the first time at rehearsal this week. I was using one of the stock AC30 HW profiles included in the Kemper. It sounded good but I was disappointed to find that the specified 600W RMS supposedly "on full" was not as loud or as punchy as my repaired LSS running close to it's max at 35W RMS. These were both tried using the same Celestion 8 Ohm 75W 1 x12 Black Shadow speaker. I actually need an amp as loud or slightly louder than the LSS to keep up with my drummer so, until I have figured out what I am doing wrong with the Kemper (although it is undoubtedly a *very* useful piece of recording kit), it looks like the Kemper PowerRack will remain only as an emergency backup for live work and my "poor ol' back" will continue to suffer the weight of the LSS as my main rig.

Note that I fitted the Kemper into a 3u rack case to protect the front and rear panels for transit. The jack sockets on the rear are plastic and in my opinion are a bit flimsy for live work. I accidentally broke one on the bench before I had even powered it up for the first time and I am a 7-stone weakling - not a gorilla (maybe that's why I think the LSS is heavy). I chose the rack format over the head because I dislike the dimensions of the head. The case of the head is definitely tougher than the rack but I think the Powerhead probably uses exactly the same sockets on the rear - so you have been warned, take extra care!
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The best money on an amp I've ever spent!!
Anthony8336 16.12.2014
After much research I finally took the plunge and purchased the power rack version of the Kemper profiling amp and I have to say that I'm totally thrilled with it.

I play bass guitar in a busy cover band and I wanted to use this exactly as I would a standard bass guitar head into a pair of RS TC Electronic bass cabs.
I had concerns initially as the manual says that it's to be used with cabs rated at 8 and 16 ohm and as mentioned above I wanted to run it with two 8 ohm cabs which means it would be running at a 4 ohm load, potentially causing damage to the power amp. I was assured that it would be ok though, as there is a large online resource, WIKPA and a user forum that will basically tell you anything you need to know and more.

The forum also has a rig exchange section that contains real rigs that have been profiled by users ranging from bedroom guitar players to professional recording studios and the the quality of rigs range from good, bad to awesome there is even a rating system added on there to score the rigs you try. You are also encouraged to profile any of the amps you own and add them to the exchange.

The bass rigs added in the latest firmware update are awesome too, been using some of them to play live and have dialled in some of the best sounds I've ever used.

There are countless high quality effects on this thing off all different types, including a pitch shifter that enables me to play a standard tuned guitar in drop C tuning on some of the heavier style of song my band plays live. No tracking issues at all. I was amazed.

To conclude.

This thing can accurately profile any amp in existence. Has all the high quality effects you can ever need. Is light to carry to and from gigs or to the studio.

What's there not to love.
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Looks like a toaster but sounds like a a Beast !
Ian_N 06.07.2017
Everything you want from a tube amp without the problems that usually come with it, when you are on the road.
Its compact, powerful and sounds like that tube amp you used on the studio or at home.
Overall i 'd day its a 9/10 and probably i would buy one more in the future.

QUALITY: Sturdy construction, well build overall, the knobs feel good and strong in any way.

Features : awesome wah pedals that sound just as good as the old trusted cry baby & good modulation effects for every taste.

Ideal for any working/touring musician, you can capture the sound of any amp you own and recorded with and bring it with you on the road.

You can store all your rigs into a USB stick and load them on any kemper, if the situation calls for it.

Makes IEMs experience easier than a normal tube amp due to the elimination of high frequencies on demand.

You can program your preset changes via midi if your band runs click tracks.


Looks like a toaster but sounds Golden.
Really expensive accessories considering the fact that kemper remote and expression pedals won't come cheap on you.
The kemper looper is a pain to set if you don't own a kemper remote.
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So usefull, incredible sound with new profiles
Anonim 26.02.2017
I?ve download new profiles, for mesa triple rectifier and it?s awesome, loud, good bass for death metal and jaxzz, with a good cabinet with v30 or similar, it?s awesome, so clean without noise if your instrument is in good condition, but with old guitarrs with the noise gate you?ll forget the noise, and the best, only one pushh to achieve your amp, cabinet, effects, gain, volumen, etc, and with the behringer FCB1010 u can set a wha wha, a volumen pedal and a whammy.... awesome, yes, it?s spensive, but u have all in one and with the best cuality, good delaies, good reberbs, and remember, just one click to change your sound adding affects and , changing volumen for solos, and one click to came back to clean sound without effeects and less volumen to your rithm sound
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