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Harley Benton Superior Classic Coated NT 3/4

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I wanted to buy something cheap, I got cheap AND great
Andrew935, 04.02.2016
Although I've played Electric and Western guitar for about 20 years, I am not much of a classical guitar player. I found a used, decent Spanish guitar but I could see that they needed new strings.

I didn't want to spend too much money on getting this setup as the guitar was less than ¤50 and was just a toy for me.

These strings hit exactly the right price point for me so I bought them from the very trustworthy, Thomann.

They arrived and were easy to put on the guitar, not curled up like some very cheap ones I have seen before. They stretched in and stayed in tune within 24 hours and rarely need tuning which is great for me.

There are no downsides to these strings as far as I can see. The cheapo guitar sounds great and I compared the sound to a much more expensive guitar and felt there was little difference. They feel good and they have lasted well so far. I use the guitar very rarely but know that it's reliable when I need it.

All in all, I got a lot for my money here and will order spare sets of these for backup and restringing purposes.
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Harley Benton Superior Classic Coated NT 3/4

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