Harley Benton ST-20MN CA Standard Series


Electric Guitar

  • Standard series
  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Neck profile: Modern C
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • DOT fretboard inlays
  • 22 Frets
  • Scale: 648 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • Double action truss rod
  • Pickup: 3 ST style single coils
  • 1 Volume control
  • 2 Tone control
  • 5-Way toggle
  • Chrome hardware
  • Synchronised tremolo
  • Closed machine heads
  • Colour: Candy Apple Red
Colour Red
Body Basswood
Top None
Neck Maple
Fretboard Maple
Frets 22
Scale 648 mm
Pickups SSS
Tremolo Vintage
incl. Bag No
incl. Case No
disponibil din Septembrie 2013
numărul articolului 312058
88 € 435,44 lei
Include TVA la care se adaugă 19,90 € costul de transport
Prețul în lei este doar de ghidaj!
Disponibil in 9-12 Saptamani
Disponibil in 9-12 Saptamani

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Good If You Know How
unclebanger 18.12.2020
So I bought this guitar just as a supplement for a set with HB Extreme-76, like if I have to pay quite a money for delivery, I want to order as much as I can in a single order, and I had just enough free money to get this one.

I have another guitar, a legendary beginner guitar, Her Majesty Squier Bullet Stratocaster (HSS version). I only play for almost 9 months, and it was bout time I get interested in new guitars. So this review will largely be based on a comparison between this and Squier.

- beautiful af. Finish is just perfect, it looks more expensive than Squier (AWT color), despite actually costing me almost 3 times less (Fender production pricing in Russia is a little bit... insane, to say the least)
- has 22 frets
- gives you an idea of how SSS configuration works (that is a thing in my case)
- frets are very well leveled (contrary to Squier)
- arrived in perfect setting
- tremolo system allows you to achieve lower notes (goes down 3 half steps, while Squier only goes 2 half steps down)

- neck is way thicker and feels completely different
- tuners aren't as bad, nor are they any good
- pickups actually can deliver up to classic heavy metal (almost as good as Squier's humbucker), and they aren't bad, but they surely do suffer from their cost
- also B string saddle had one of the screws totally screwed up, I couldn't turn it at all, so luckily I had some old Squier saddles to replace it with

- rough fret ends (they probably won't kill your hands, but they really needed work)
- nut is a joke (not even a funny one)
- mine's contact would get lost from time to time (if I was moving the guitar while playing, and I was moving a lot) - an issue with screwing the hole where you connect the cable

So what i did to it was:
- changing the nut to GraphTec (the one that matches these dimensions is too low, so I didn't make it go to the bottom of the slot and it's stuck midway; still A LOT better than stock one)
- screwing the cable hole properly - now it has no connection issues
- sanded all the fret ends (unfortunately, this is the only type of work I'm not skilled at, so I only had a sand paper and a rough idea of how I want it to be)
- changed string trees to Gotoh (just for memes)
- immediate restringing (stock strings were even more of a joke than the nut)
- screwing properly everything there was

And I ended up having a guitar that rivals Squier, which is also modded by the time! I think if I change pickups to more serious ones, learn to solder and to shield, this will be a guitar that will last for decades!
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Good guitar for a very low price!
vortaenius 15.07.2021
What I love: the look of the maple neck. It's why I bought this specific version of this Harley Benton Strat. Very nice! Also, the price is obviously unbeatable. Great as a fun project to replace a part every now and then.

Overall, the build quality is unfortunately one of the worse aspects of the guitar. The frets are fine, even the default strings were totally okay, but what I find lacking is the whammy bar. In terms of functionality, I might as well leave it off (if it wasn't for the cool look ;-)), because the bridge creaks and groans every time I use the whammy.

Also, I recently found that the finish is chipped off in a place (luckily not where you'd really see it, so no big deal). I don't think it is something that I did myself, maybe it happened during shipping or before that, but there's no real way to know.

I had to majorly tweak the intonation and the action of some of the strings, but about half of them were already really well intimated. It's not something I'd obviously expect from an 80 euro guitar to have perfectly intonation fresh out of the factory, so no worries there; I spent about half an hour of fiddling with a screwdriver and it's much better now.

Other than that, the sound is pretty good for these stock pickups! Note that the wiring is classic Strat wiring, so keep in mind that the two tone pots control the neck and middle pickup, and the bridge pickup has no tone control.

Once I slap on some Elixir strings and polish the fretboard a bit (tip: buy lemon oil wipes), I think I'll be very happy with this steal of a guitar! Definitely recommended, aside from a few weak areas.
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Amazing value for money
GearSteer 15.04.2021
This guitar is not perfect. But it competes favorably with similarly imperfect (more expensive 'name brand') guitars.

With the swimming pool route underneath the pick guard (if you're prepared to invalidate the warranty) there are many modification options (switching to HSS, HH, extra switches etc. or just because you like more room to work).

But if you're a beginner and, like any guitar at this price point, are prepared to ask a tech or luthier to do a basic set up, you're going to have a lot of fun and have a nice sounding guitar.

Pickups are respectable out of the box, tuning stability very acceptable and everything works fine. Managed to get the action pretty low. NB the chunky C profile more suitable to bigger hands.
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Candy apple gorgeousness
TB TB TB 01.02.2020
After having an ST-62MN (which I absolutely love), I wondered how this ST-20MN compared, considering the price. I was not disappointed. Out of the box, I was greeted with the most lovely Candy apple red coloured body, and the highly bleached look of the satin smooth Maple neck. Quite simply, for the price, it is awesome. It looks so much more expensive than it is. Plug in and play; no worries there. 3 of the 5 switch positions sound suitably Strat like. Positions 3 and 4 are more difficult to distinguish. This guitar really sets the Harley Benton tone for low cost quality guitars. Can't think of another guitar maker sounding and feeling this good for the price. Nice one HB. TB
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